Overcoming Procrastination With Core Beliefs


Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut, where it doesn't matter what you try you just can't seem to make progress on a project or desired outcome?

I know I have…and looking back, in each case I can trace this lack of energy, motivation and progress (otherwise known as procrastination) back to a mis-alignment with my core beliefs and wishes.

This may be a little hard to understand, I know it was for me, but we all have a core belief system within us that is made up from a combination of who we are and how we were raised.  We also operate heavily at a subconscious level – pretty much anything we do is somehow influenced (positively or negatively by our subconscious), thus we get these "feelings" of very high satisfaction when we are aligned and feelings of uneasiness and low energy when we are poorly aligned.

Procrastination is often the result of being poorly aligned with our core beliefs — we may be able to fool those around us, but we cannot fool ourselves.  That's why purely external methods of trying to get motivated and stay productive are tempoarary solutions, at best.

Within "Beyond Greatness" – the new manual for identifying and harnessing your core beliefs for maximum achievement, it is made very clear that harmony with core beliefs is essential to the main aspects of achievement such as self-confidence and self-esteem, our health and energy and even our ability to deal with fear and uncertainty in our lives.

What I mean by that is…do you ENJOY what you are doing with your day?  You may be good at it, but do you really ENJOY it? 

Try sitting down for an hour and writing out a picture of your ideal day – what would you be doing?  Would you be doing mostly what you are doing now, or something vastly different?  What project would you be working on?  What problems would you be solving with your skills? 

Chances are you're subconscious mind is fighting back when you attempt to do something because it doesn't "buy-in" to what you are working on – that could have to do with the general area of your focus or the specific types of outcomes you are trying to achieve.  

There is only one true way of dealing with procrastination and get out of the rut you may be stuck in with your life, that is to uncover your core beliefs and then map them into actionable activities within your day.  Instead of trying to like what you are doing, try doing what you like. 


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