Overcoming Procrastination And How To Enjoy Life


Do you think of yourself as lazy, stuck in a rut or a constant procrastinator?

Maybe it hasn't always been that way, but there's just something that is not quite right in your life now.  No matter what you try and do, the outcome is the same, you're not getting things done.

Just like any behavior, procrastination can become repetitive – a learned habit making it more challenging to overcome taking on the more acceptable description of being a perfectionist.  Yet clearly, the main challenges are how to get motivated and truly take action.

Here are some techniques that really work for those who want to overcome procrastination:

1. Many of our behaviors are heavily influenced by the pain versus pleasure concept.  We are motivated to avoid pain and seek out pleasure.  The first thing we need to do is understand

a) How badly do you want the result?

b) How painful is NOT having the result?

Next, apply this technique for increasing the amount of pleasure you experience by taking action toward achieving a specific goal.

What I have found works is to write out what my life would be like when I am living with the result you are seeking…how do you feel when you wake up in the morning, what would your day look like, who would you be spending time with, where would you live…

Do the same thing to elevate the pain threshold for NOT taking action.

What will your life be like, how will you feel, what will you be doing, what frustrations will you feel then.

This way you turn the tables completely in favor of the pleasurable aspects of taking action while increasing the pain associated with NOT taking action.

2. In this personal achievement manual, the importance of having a strong purpose in your life and aligning your actions with that purpose is illustrated.  In fact, 95% of the people around us today have no idea how to identify their purpose let alone use it for motivation. Identifying your inner purpose can be done through introspection, meditation, yoga and various other methods of looking inward – well worth the effort as this can unlock a level of motivation and energy you never thought you had within you.

3. Face fear and uncertainty – work on specific fear meanagement technqiues using meditation and yoga. The truth is that we cannot expect to eliminate fear, doubt and uncertainty altogether – they serve an important purpose in our life, but we can manage them so that they no longer hold us back from taking action.

4. Boost your energy level by eliminating toxicity and other health barriers most of us live each day with.  There may be chemical and physical reasons that lazy people cannot summon the energy to be effective, I myself lived through such a time in my early twenties, it took me two-years to discover what it was, then I was able to treat it and move on within a matter of weeks. 

By following these 4 ways of overcoming procrastination you can completely change your attitudes, behaviors and energy fueling yourself with the now habit that can turn your life into a highly satisfying results-oriented, achievement phase from the more disorganized, frustrating place you may find yourself today. 

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