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We've become a culture of dreamers, wishers living our lives on one of the biggest rollercoasters peaking at the top with hopes and enthusiasm crashing wildly to the bottom as dreams are dashed leaving us in a state of despair and regret.

Not a happy story, but tell me this isn't the case for most of us?

The catalyst behind most of despair is something we well know as procrastination.  It's not that we don't have ideas, plans, enthusiasm – great intentions of living out all that we are capable of…but procrastination rears its ugly head and before we know it, we've missed opportunity after opportunity.

So, what then is procrastination, how do we pinpoint it's causes and how do we overcome it? 

Having told our story of how we turned severe health challenges, and near financial ruin into optimal health, happiness and financial success in Beyond Greatness…I have felt the amazing ability to overcome obstacles and live in a state of consistent happiness and achievement. 

Procrastination can be the result of several factors, the main ones being:

– fear
– placing too much focus on past
– avoidance
– being overwhelmed

Now each one of these factors can further be split into more detail.  For example, which fear is it that results in procrastination in your life?  The fear of looking bad in front of your friends?  The fear of not being able to handle rejection?  Perhaps the fear of actually succeeding and not knowing how to deal with that success can throw people into procrastination.

Overcoming Procrastination

1. Self awareness – you've got to become more aware of present and let your mind ease with meditation and or yoga to let your true greatness come out

2. Set a few great, but clear goals

3. Focus around your goal – all activities should align with your goal

4. Tackle the tasks you like least first

5. Think consistency – you will succeed

6. Plan each day and week – at least in beginning to keep you on course

7. Build in rewards, rest, relaxation – but only if you stay on task

8. Become aware of your fears, know what they are

9. Put your fears in perspective using Meditation – look at them objectively instead of full of emotion

10. Positive self-talk and visualiations to stay motivated an on-track

Use these techniques to learn the habit of taking action, overcoming obstacles and leaving procrastination behind as a character trait that no longer defines your life. 


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