Overcome Burn Out At Work And In Life


Do you feel you have symptoms of burn out at work or in general life?

Can you relate to some of these symptoms?

  1. You struggle to even get through 1-hour at work, time goes so slowly?
  2. You have trouble sleeping at night?
  3. You are anxious and worried about your job constantly?
  4. You have been demoted or have had your pay or time worked cut?
  5. You can't seem to reach the next level in your career?
  6. You are "not yourself" but seem to be extra edgy or quiet around your friends and family?
  7. You are gaining weight and not eating properly?
  8. You feel you have lost most of your control over work, finances and life in general?
  9. You just don't want to be around people much anymore?
  10. You feel detached, helpless and almost ready to give up in life?

Often when you reach this point of burn out at work or in your overall life you feel you are alone, that you are somehow isolated and not headed down a path where anyone else can help.

What is often misunderstood though is that we all hit periods in our life when we reach a point where we have less control, we have let things slide and it doesn't mean this is permanent, only that we have reached a crossroads where we need to deal with temporary burn out, manage stress and move to the next phase in life.

Take Back Control and Overcome Burn Out

First off, know that you are not alone in your feelings of burn out at work.

In fact, you are in the majority of people who can't stand (or at least are not fully satisfied) by their work…that number is well in excess of 50% of ALL working people.

The most important thing you can do to overcome these feelings of lack of control, appreciation – being totally in the hands of your employer is to come up with a plan to change all of that.

The actual process of planning and then putting your plan into action is empowering.

I went through this years ago when I worked by butt off, contributed significantly to the company's I worked for but one-by-one they ran into problems and I ended up out on the street.

Finally I took control and decided that:

1. I am going to change careers and work my way into another career path that was more fulfilling
2. I would start my own business on the side (in the beginning) to learn the ropes and build it up so that eventually I would no longer be controlled by someone else

Over the next years I did change careers, worked my way into a high 6-figure job, started my own business on the side, a business that I now operate full-time.

What I suggest you do is to look at your present life situation life this…

a) You want to take time each day to work on YOU — figure out what you really want, how to come up with your plan and begin putting it into action.  Nothing helps you regain control, hope and ambition like focusing on you and literally taking back control of your life.   Your employer may control you 8-10 hours a day, but the rest is YOURS and you want to take that control using it wisely to work on ways you can expand that control over more areas of your life.
b) Commit to 30 minutes of exercise and 30 minutes (minimum) of self-improvement – investing in yourself is a way to take back control.  A good start is to work through Attracting Greatness which helps you develop your plan to take back control and fulfillment in your life.
c) Take time for meditation which brings you 2 things…1) A control over your own emotions and thoughts and 2) A better perspective on the world and your place in it…really is liberating.
d) Pick some role models that you look up to – study them, read their biographies, listen to them on YouTube, learn their outlook and how they got from where they were to where they are…feeding your mind positive thoughts and most of all…belief that you can do it too!

In short, look at this as a point in your life that opens new opportunities, allows you the potential for more control, more fulfillment and greater satisfaction…take control and make it happen.

Do not fear change or be afraid that things are evolving, instead embrace that change as a catalyst toward more control, more fulfillment, more happiness and a new chapter that gives you rebirth in your life.

Let us know if you are starting a new phase of your life…leave us a comment.

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