Obama Like Self Confidence


No matter what your political stripes, when you seek to understand how Barak Obama has become such a force in the political world, it's hard to think of a trait more to cause than self confidence.

Obama has an uncanny ability, as did Bill Clinton in the beginning of his career and Ronald Reagan certainly had it too…to convince people who were down and out, struggling for their last dollar, dealing with personal and family issues, perhaps even those that had previously given up on our political system – to come along for a journey where he will place you on his shoulders and bring you to the promised-land. 

Imagine hitting the next town in the face of some bad press, gathering 40,000 people in a room and then launching into a 45-minute speech where you must win the room – and indeed all of America – over with your oratory.

That takes guts!  That takes self confidence.  The more self confidence you have, the more belief others will have in you and soon you have created an awesome bandwagon – the challenge then becomes living up to the oratory, and that takes an immense amount of self confidence. 

This article in the American Prospect discusses the New Yorker photo and article covering Obama's "supernatural self confidence" and how it has helped him achieve the great things in his life he has achieved so far – and why so many people are willing to follow him even given an age of skepticism for politics that is unheard of in the past. 

What about you? 

If you have struggled to achieve the next level of career, relationship, health, friendships or just happiness, ask yourself if you are truly self confident and if that self confidence projects outward in your quest for greatness in your life.

In "Beyond Greatness", great weight is placed on one of the key pillars of improving your achievement in life – self confidence and it's cousin, self esteem.  Without these key characteristics success will be unattainable – and to those few who have been able to achieve a peak of success in their lives without self confidence, they success soon causes them to come crashing down unable to sustain without the fortitude provided by high self esteem. 

The signs are all around us, to be truly successful in our lives we must be able to guide others around us, persuade them toward our point of view and communicate effectively with partners in business, friendship and intimacy – self confidence is the single most important factor to success in our lives.

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