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What do you have to gain following the crowd?

What good comes from letting someone else control your life, your time, your energy and and your contribution to the world?

Yet 97% of the population are followers…we are taught to follow rules, do the "right" thing, study standard teaching, to not deviate from the lesson plans and rules.

On the other hand, we internalize all of the frustration, boredom, procrastination and anger that wells up inside of us because we are largely controlled instead of taking control.

The costs of settling and not being your best self are extremely high, but largely unknown

Why You Should Refuse To Settle 

It took me decades to finally figure out that refusing to settle and instead directing your own life in a way that allows your full potential to be realized is the absolute best way you can arrive at personal fulfillment and happiness as well as contribute the maximum to your friends, family and society at large

Show me a great contributor to society in almost any area and behind their wonderful work will be a rock-solid determination to resit settling, a refusal to be confined by someone else's definition of what is possible and the path to arrive at your maximum potential

Contrary to my beliefs for the first decades of my life, settling for someone else's vision, goals, level of discipline and daily action is selfish…in the sense that you are denying the world ¬†(especially those closest to you and yourself) the incredible potential that resides within you right now.

Realize that settling is a conscious decision (or more likely a series of smaller, conscious decisions) that you will bury your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and ability – that you will deny others the benefit of knowing, seeing and experiencing what you are really capable of.

Many of you reading this are probably just like I was…conditioned to give up your ideas because you may stand out, you may upset someone you hold in high regard around you, or you may stumble or have a setback if you push forward into uncharted waters where others fear to go.

Let me share this…

The pain associated with a temporary setback or failure when you are living your true potential is TINY compared to the chronic suffering associated with settling…

The discomfort associated with taking charge and messing up is temporary, will last mere minutes or hours and will sting less and less as you push forward…

The suffering associated with continually burying your true thoughts, your ideas, your energy and your achievement in order to "fit in" lasts a lifetime and gets WORSE the longer you continue to live that way.

Oh yes, and by the way…there is no middle ground.

You are either settling for someone else's view and work ethic OR you are leading the charge in your own direction.

If you believe you are somewhere in the middle…that is a fallacy.

You are either NOT settling or you ARE, pretty black and white construct in your life.

For most of us, it takes nearly a lifetime to figure this out…to shake off the rust involved in settling for decades to finally experience the freshness and vitality associated with NOT settling.

Yes you will feel temporary nervousness, discomfort and even PAIN – but once you push through the incredible energy and power can be much like you are living an entirely new life.

In SNAP – The System For Getting Unstuck In Your Life, the roadmap for getting unstuck and changing your life from "Settling" to "In Charge" involves 4 steps

  • Re-connecting with your purpose and passion in life
  • Setting Out A Plan In Alignment With Your Purpose and Passion
  • Addressing Obstacles Such As Fear, Frustration, Procrastination and Negativity
  • Understanding and Re-Conditioning Habits Into Your New Life Habits

By working this plan, you go from "wanting" to change your life from one of settling to one of purpose and self-directed achievement – at that time the amazing weight of NOT being yourself, of settling and being controlled by others is lifted off your shoulders, that's when your new world really opens up in front of you.

Is today the day you will stop settling?

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