Need A Push?


All of us need a push at times to keep momentum, to reinforce the feeling of being useful and actively participating in life instead of sitting back and watching from the sidelines.

Show me someone struggling with low motivation, unhappiness, health challenges, high stress and a negative outlook in life and typically they will also be sitting on the sidelines, either too afraid or overwhelmed to take action.

Here's a tip I try and live by each day (this is one of the proven tips outlined in Attracting Greatness, the BluePrint to Personal Success and True Happiness)…and so far this tip has meant massive improvements in all areas of my life so I urge you to give it a try too.¬†

Force yourself to do something that makes you uncomfortable each week.  Something that extends your comfort zone, that makes you feel nervous, unsure or slightly queezy!

I'm not talking about brain surgery or even walking on hot coals, but rather focus on some actions that have seemed just out of reach in the past:

  • Striking up a conversation with someone that intimidates you
  • Stepping up and volunteering for a task that you may not be sure you can do
  • Take a public speaking course
  • Sign up for a personal training course
  • Organize a group activity around a hobby or personal interest
  • Start up a small business based on a passion or talent you have

Trust me, as you learn to step out of your comfort zone more often it becomes very natural, fear is no longer a factor in holding you back and within a very short time you gain momentum, self-confidence and deeply held personal belief that you are becoming unstoppable building momentum and motivation Рin other words, you are GROWING again!

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