Moving From Dreams To Reality


dreams to realityHow many people do you know have a deeply held dream or desire to be, have or do something in their life?

How long have they had that dream…1-year, 5-years, 10-years?

Some of these people even have specific goals in place, yet to achieve those goals seems outside of their reach.

Why is it that so many of us are able to possess such desires and yet we so often can't seem to get beyond the dreaming phase to realization of our dreams?

I have a buddy that has wanted to own a boat for 20-years now, each week he looks at boating magazines, surfs the net to look at boats for sale, watches boating shows on TV…I doubt there is a day goes by without him wishing for that boat.

On the other hand, he constantly has excuses for why he can't get a boat…spending the money would put his family in a financial bind, he doesn't live close enough to the water, his wife isn't as big on the dream as he is, there are always other priorities.

Sound familiar?  Putting your dreams on the back-burner allowing everything else in life to take priority.

Others I know HAVE gone ahead and acted on their dreams, they may have experienced some initial challenges but they are exactly where they want to be and now have new dreams.   What's the difference?

How can we move from dreams and wishes into reality?

1. Be Driven Emotionally

To make the sacrifice and take the sometimes painful steps on the way to realizing a dream, it takes HUGE desire and motivation.  That desire and motivation often comes from a very deeply held, emotional desire that approaches fanaticism – linking your desire to an almost life-and-death desire making any setbacks or pain pale in comparison to NOT achieving your dreams.   So, in many cases, people just don't want their dreams ENOUGH to overcome the pain associated with getting there.

2. Cultivate Belief And Certainty

Are we more likely to take a leap in life when certainty and belief that we will achieve what we set out for are high or low?  Remember as a kid when someone dared you to do something or pushed you beyond your comfort zone, wasn't it important to see one of your friends do it first?  Didn't that increase your level of belief and certainty that maybe you could do it too?  Life is the same, when you reach for your dreams you will be more apt to make the leap sooner IF you believe with a high degree of certainty that you will succeed, then the path is clear.   Cultivating certainty and belief is something outlined in Attracting Greatness…but you will be happy to know that it is something you can change in your mind.  Instead of thinking why things won't work, we can condition ourselves to believe with a high degree of certainty that it will work – no matter what.

3. Set Yourself Up For Success

Taking the first step toward achieving your dreams is much more straightforward (and likely) when you condition your mind in these two ways:

  • Expect that setbacks will happen, instead of fearing them, embrace them as necessary steps to accelerate realization of your dream
  • Break your journey toward dream achievement into smaller steps, start with a step where your likelihood of a small win is high – you can then build off of this momentum

4. Don't Let Others Stop You

There are two categories of "dream stoppers" you will typically have to deal with as you reach for the stars:

  • Those that are not important enough to stand in your way…in which case they either help you get where you are going or you leave them behind
  • Those that are as important as your goal (often your spouse or family) – here you have to take their feelings and thoughts into account and make overcoming any challenges a key part of your journey to reaching your goals.  This may involve helping them reach their goals, meeting certain criteria (such as not putting your family in harm's way or in a financially risky place).   Whatever you do, don't ignore this group as you will find realizing your dreams will be empty if you lose the ones you love along the way

In our gut we all know that moving from dreams to realizing greatness in our lives is both necessary and is within reach, with these 4 tips you can now get to work and apply the principles required to begin that journey toward life change and improvement now…moving from dreams to reality is one of the major life achievements we can seek keeping us engaged, happy and fulfilled.

If you have a tip or question about getting from dreams to reality, then leave us a comment.

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