Moving Beyond The Noise


It's so easy to be caught up in the day-to-day activities and struggles of life where one day evolves into the next as months and years go by seemingly at the speed of light.

When that happens, unfortunately we lose sight of what is really important and get into the habit of existing instead of growing and thriving.

See if you recognize these common daily and weekly objectives:

  • Paying your mortgage
  • Paying the bills
  • Getting your kids to school, through homework and to their activities
  • Helping your parents or family get to appointments or with the support they may need in their lives
  • Meeting the next deadline in your job
  • Traveling to support your career
  • Moving through one assignment after another in school
  • Getting ready for your next vacation
  • Saving up to buy the "next" thing that you need

We can all relate to any number of these things as they are day-by-day and month-by-month goals that bounce to and from and that pretty much dictate how we spend out time, live our lives, how we behave, who we spend time with and what we achieve in the end.

But What About The Really BIG Things?

Unfortunately all of this day-to-day noise quickly drowns out any ability we have to look within and re-align our lives around something BIG…something that deep-down means a lot to us…and something that we deprive ourselves of even though it is most likely essential to our growth, health and happiness.

Inside 4-Steps To Getting Unstuck In Your Life we outline key stages that interrupt current thought patterns and habits that are not working for you in your life replacing them with new thoughts and habits that can lead you to an incredible life of growth, happiness and fulfillment

Given that it's so critical we be able to step off of the hamster wheel and regain alignment around these BIG desires, values and purpose in life…isn't it worth some time as we finish this year to take some time and set yourself up for more growth, health and happiness in the coming year?

  • Realize that your day-to-day activities have not taken you where you most likely want to be, so there needs to be change and you control that change
  • Think back to what you loved to do most in life from your teen years and on…was it play music, sports, teach people, build things, sell things, help people – if so, in which ways?  Tap into the most important points in your life where you felt most alive, vibrant, at peace and a contributor
  • Build intentional pattern interrupts into your day, for example, take time to meditate, introspect, be alone with your thoughts, brainstorm ideas, write your thoughts.  It's especially important in this world of extreme noise that you isolate yourself for at least 30-minutes each day to "de-stimulate" your brain and allow it to actively be creative instead of operating in a constant state of response
  • Take on a mission that you are passionate about.  People (including you) have an amazing ability to bring on change and growth through creating an emotionally charged mission that motivates them each day.  Your mission can be to enhance the world, help people through any number of ways from providing a higher quality product to starting a movement – and anything between.   When you couch your true strengths and passions in terms of a mission you give focus to progress bringing about incredible energy, motivation and action
  • Re-enforce with certainty.  Let me ask you, when you believe something you are about to do is not only possible but highly probable, do you tend to do better?  Certain belief is 99% of the battle when it comes to achieving dreams – not only does it improve your self-confidence, but it gives you a degree of influence and energy that is infectious organizing the universe around helping you succeed.  Perhaps if you have had dreams, desires and goals in the past that remain unfulfilled, adding certain belief to the mix will push you over the top

To accomplish fundamental change and improvement in the coming weeks it starts with moving beyond the noise.  In order to change your path thereby changing your results you want to break through the daily patterns allowing you to be creative, re-commit to growth and alter the path for the rest of your life.

Are you up for it?

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