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It happens to all of us, suddenly we find ourselves in a funk, looking at things negatively, unable to convince ourselves to get off the couch, get out of bed or to get working on an important task or goal.

We have lost our motivation, and isn't it a huge struggle to drag ourselves out of that rut and once again get motivated?

How do we slip into these funks?

Often it happens gradually, we are at the top of our game and we let things slide a little.  Some bad habits form or we stop pressing forward with our own agenda in a focused way and we find ourselves under the influence of others losing track of our own purpose, goals and objectives.

Then, because we have looked to others for our guidance, we find that we are not 100% aligned with our direction and then motivation suffers.

We lack a big purpose, can't find a big enough reason to continue in the face of challenges – if left to fester, the next thing we know this disease called procrastination impacts motivation in other areas of our life – our finances, relationships, job, and self-image all begin to suffer.

What we need to know is how to turn things around, and motivate ourselves to get out of the rut.

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself Now

1. Strengthen Your Resolve By Re-Discovering Your Purpose. Without linking a goal or objective to an underlying BIG reason why in our lives, we are pretty much sunk.  Now certain tasks we just know are right for us – perhaps playing music, writing, playing sports -and that is because we have a passion, interest, desire and likely a strength for that activity.  In the past we have consciously or unconsciously created a link between a dream or purpose in our lives with these activities.  If your passion is playing music, then you likely have had extremely vivid dreams about a purpose where you gained influence, prestige and financial reward through your music.  That you can bring happiness, enjoyment, and love through your craft.  For other areas in your life you want to go through the same exercise – how can you relate those goals and objectives to your passion or purpose?

If you struggle to find your purpose then try using these purpose finding techniques or consult one of the best resources we have found on finding your ultimate purpose in life.

2. Interrupt Your Current Thought Pattern and Routine. Negative thinking, procrastination and lack of motivation all demand changing things up.  We tend to always fall back into patterns – if those patterns are positive, then this is an asset.  If your patterns are negative, then that will only work to prevent you from increasing your motivation.  Change your daily pattern – get up earlier, go for a run, take a break, go for a drive (to an areas you normally wouldn't go), anything to change it up and get a new perspective on things will help break your negative mindset.

3. Understand that YOU Must Call The Shots. Too many of us end up blindly following others (spouses, friends, teachers, bosses, idols, etc…) without thinking for ourselves.  This inevitably takes us down a path where we end up living someone else's life, not our own.  Nothing gets you motivated faster than taking back control for your own direction.  Without control, we become frustrated, agitated and negative — when we have control, we grow happy, motivated and positive.

4. Boost Your Self-Confidence. A good deal of motivation is directly linked to our self-image. If you lack self-confidence you typically have a tremendous struggle going on inside – no wonder you can't get motivated when there is a war going on inside your head.  Use the blueprint included in Attracting Greatness to ensure you have a healthy, consistent level of self-confidence and watch your motivation soar.

5. Take Action...when you suffer from lack of motivation, your life is stuck in a rut you want to break that pattern of passiveness with activity.  That means…

  • Exercise – walking, jogging, tennis, swimming, aerobics, cycling, treadmill, weight lifting, – whatever the activity of choice just DO SOMETHING!
  • Meditation – the best exercise for the mind involves freeing it of cobwebs and allowing your mind and body to work as it was intended. Make sure you find 20-minutes each day to meditate – you won't believe what it will do for your life
  • Be interested – the best way to make sure you take action through the day is "get your head in the game".  That means pay attention, listen, have an opinion, proactively see information and renew your interests and passions in life

Of course, nobody is perfect with these 5-steps and for sure, when you are stuck in a rut and your motivation is at an all time low making the smallest amount of progress on these items seems like a massive challenge…but that is precisely why you need to get the ball rolling.  Just take a small step, start with one of these and build momentum, before you know it your level of motivation will be through the roof!

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March 29, 2011

Adam @ 7:36 pm #

Nice tips. I motivate myself with inspirational quotes.

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