Meditation Magic?


So many people know of the word meditation and perhaps have even dabbled in it once or twice curiously seeing if this meditation is some sort of magic bullet.

No, it doesn't quite work that way…but YES it really can be a magic bullet.

In the 3rd Chapter of Attracting Greatness we tell the story of our major emotional and health challenges I went through in my mid-twenties…and how after a decade of suffering various digestive challenges including acid reflux, extreme heartburn, sleeplessness not to mention my overall immune system being a total mess.

Meditation was a key part of changing my life and emerging as a stronger, happier and healthier person.

To most, meditation does not come easily, 98% of people that try it give up to soon and never get the full benefit.

Yet, at the same time it's not out of reach for anyone.

With meditation, you will notice these benefits:

  1. A new calmness along with a greater ability to handle stress
  2. More peace in your life than ever before
  3. The ability to put any bad/negative or challenging situation into perspective instead of letting fear or stress take over
  4. More chemical balanced body including a more stable sugar level, less peaks and valley's and reduced cravings for unhealthy foods
  5. A new enlightenment of people and things around us…I noticed that I just looked at the world differently.  Less cynicism, fear and negativity
  6. Tend to attract more positive people to you
  7. Health conditions, given time, will begin to heal themselves.  Our digestive problems completely went away within 6-weeks of twice daily, 20-minute meditation sessions
  8. Build your reserves…after about 3-months of twice-daily meditation I found I could "slip" here and there without regressing…you are building strength back into your body
  9. More energy and enthusiasm
  10. Increased focus and renewed purpose in your life…and knowing that you now have the strength to make this happen, this can make you unstoppable!

The keys are…

  • That you start and commit to at least 3-weeks of twice daily (at least 20-minutes each session) where you totally focus on the meditation…it will take time and you won't be successful for the entire 20-minutes, but even if you get 5-10 minutes in that span you will be doing wonderfully
  • That you do NOT feel guilty about taking this time…this is YOUR time making you a better person which will benefit everyone around even more
  • That you find your modality for helping you to draw into the meditative state.  For some, this can be guided (voice) meditation, for others silence is what does it and still others relaxing sounds like waves or repetitive music is what will do it.  The main thing is the sound should be pleasing and repetitive to work
  • If you miss one session or day, don't let it slide, jump right back in and pick it up

Follow this meditation and relaxation advice and you WILL notice a difference within the next 3-4 weeks.   Share those changes with us…leave a comment.

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April 10, 2012

Brad Alexander @ 4:51 am #

"98% of people that try it give up soon and never see the benefit."

It's the same as everything. You have to be in it for the long term to see benefits. No point lifting weights for a couple of months. No point running a business for a couple of months. It takes a long time to see benefits, but you have to lay the groundwork. Meditation is the same. But those that do stick at it get amazing results.

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