Meditation Leads To Better "Self Regulation"


One of the reasons we decided to write our latest book outlining a Plan For Greatness followed by many to help "Get Unstuck" and live their life with greater purpose and passion was to communicate a few principles that radically changed our own lives and has since changed the lives of countless others. 

One of those principles is meditation – and its incredible ability to bring you closer to your purpose, reduce fear and anxiety in your life, successfully manage stress and stay on track, motivated to achieve your goals.

Although there has been some recent research around meditation,  we still struggle to explain exactly why it has such a massive impact, but after years of experience we can only say IT DOES.

In our own life, we overcame a massive health challenge, galvanized our focus and ability to achieve goals and literally changed our lives forever.   Since then, through this blog and the 5 Pillars of Greatness we have witnessed the same thing happening to others.

But explaining WHY meditation is capable of helping reduce fear, empower us to break out of ruts, improve focus and make us happier, in-control of our lives has been tough…there is still much about the brain we do not know. 

This week, an interesting study (albeit with a small sample size of 48 people) does point to some physical transformations in the brain related specifically to brain areas that impact self-regulation – in fact the findings showed those involved in at least 6-hours of meditation (even more proven at 11-hours) had lower levels of anxiety, deptression, anger and fatigue. 

Of most interest is that after just 6-hours of meditation (let's say that takes you two weeks of 20-minute daily sessions) the brain shows physical transformation both in terms of physical sheathing and in terms of electical activity…proof that meditation IS directly impacting the brain.

Well worth the read, here's where I found the story, over at Awakening Potentials – a great blog in itself

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