Meditation Improves Your Health – Another Study


Meditation was one of the keys to improving my life when I hit a wall in my early twenties as we share in Attracting Greatness…so knowing that it works was enough to convince us that meditating is as important as breathing in today's crazy, fast-paced world.

Yet we also know that many others are skeptical, that for many meditation is too unscientific, sounds too much like relaxation (more than medicine) and is too hard to master anyway so why bother?

Here are a list of the things that we noticed mere weeks after starting daily sessions of 20-minute meditations:

  • Dramatically improved digestion – no more acid reflux, no more cramping, reduced bloating, more regularity and a "relaxed" stomach after years of suffering with horrible digestion.
  • Incredible improvements in sleeping – more restful, deeper sleep with greater regulatory sleep patterns.  For the first time in my life I actually woke up RESTED not just for one-day, but everyday
  • More clear-minded and in control of my thinking and emotions…much of this could definitely have been more balanced blood sugar and healthier gut overall
  • Reduced heart rate and blood pressure, within weeks my high blood pressure had become stable without medication
  • Better mood and happier in general
  • Stopped the binge eating and I had lost nearly 10-lbs WITHOUT going on any diet or even trying.  Turns out that stress was causing me to eat and stress was also causing inefficient digestion which both were improved with meditation

These are REAL changes in my life I noticed within weeks of starting regular meditation.

Since then I have noted several research studies that have added science to my own self-realization.

For instance, just today a new study was published by New Scientist that demonstrated dramatic changes in genomes (though regular blood tests) over a short period with just a few minutes of meditation each day pointing to the fact that…

"The boosted genes had three main effects: improving cellular energy efficiency; upping insulin production, which improves control of blood sugar; and preventing the breakdown of caps on chromosomes that help prevent cells wearing out and aging."

So not only does meditation present immediate benefits to your physical, chemical and emotional body – but the longer term benefits look huge as well.

For years we struggled to master meditation until we discovered that we were often trying too hard.  The techniques that have led to the biggest benefits from meditation are shared inside Attracting Greatness along with a full, 5-step system for enhancing your happiness, productivity and results in life.

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