Mastering The Art of Self Motivation


self motivation

When you are at your most motivated you can accomplish amazing things – right?

We all have times in our life we can recall when we were at the top of our game, highly motivated and were able to achieve an incredible outcome.

In fact, many of us look back on certain points in our life and wonder how we did it!

The challenge though is that these situations end up to be very infrequent – perhaps a half-dozen or less points in our life when we were able to really go after something important, master it and show incredible results for that effort.

Motivation in these situations is not an issue is it?

In fact, you don't even really think about what you are doing, the sacrifices you are making, the energy you are using, and the ongoing focus and determination with which you went after your goal.

In other words, motivation was not a problem – and that motivation came from within…you were entirely self-motivated.

What if you could capture this emotional and physical state more often in your life?

Imagine the impact that would have on your life and the lives of those around you?

Isn't the very definition of success in life to do with living on-purpose, with passion and engaged to a much greater degree than may be the case today?

4 Ways To Master Self Motivation

Conscious Of Your Successes and Potential

The first key is to move from a state where today you tend to be acutely aware of your limitations to one where your successes and capabilities (when driven) are front of mind.  Since we spend most of our time in a state of low motivation, we become used to accepting our focus, energy, enthusiasm and ability in a state where we are not motivated.   Instead, change that focus by listing and reviewing twice daily your optimal state when you were motivated, how that made you feel and what you were able to achieve during those points in your life

Passion, Goals and Belief

There are 3 things required to really fuel your self-motivation:

  • Understanding what really interests you and brings out the passion within you…is it your creative side, selling, teaching, learning, designing, networking, etc…The more you become self-aware about the combination of factors that really excite and engage you, the more you will be able to apply to setting and then fulfilling your goals
  • In alignment with your passion, purpose and vision for your future, you want to set BIG goals.  Thinking BIG not only ensures you bring out optimal excitement but it also allows you to structure a short-term, medium-term and long-term set of steps to reach your goal.  Finally, along with goal-setting must come the realization that the journey along the way to achieving your BIG goal is the most important part.  That by reaching for the stars in another galaxy you will experience and discover incredible things along the way keeping you focused and motivated on your journey
  • Belief is such a critical piece of the overall self-motivation and achievement process.  You can have the biggest goals and most exciting passion for something in your life, but if you do not believe (with certainty) that you will be able to sustain the journey and reach your goal then you allow doubt, uncertainty and fear to disrupt your journey and ultimately you will lose momentum and self motivation will wane

Align Your Environment

It's great that you get your head in the right place, that you align your goals with your ultimate passion and that you work on the certainty surrounding your journey however if you are to really sustain your journey of self motivation you must ensure you align your environment (where you live, who you spend time with, who you study and mentor with, how you spend your time, your surrounding habits such as eating and sleeping, etc…) to your life journey.  You can't expect to dream, plan and reinforce your life goals while, on the other hand, you continue to spend time with negative people, eat poorly, have terrible sleeping habits, and so on…To really set yourself up for success, make sure your living environment supports your journey in life and helps keep you self motivated

Positive View Around Setbacks

When you focus on your strengths and past successes, develop a passion-driven life journey and clean up your environment there is only one thing left that can derail optimal self-motivation – that is setbacks.  In fact, it is not the setbacks themselves that can derail you rather it is your perception of them and how you let them impact your life journey.  Prepare yourself in advance to view setbacks as both certain (they will happen – guaranteed) and desirable (in the sense that they offer you a chance to advance your learning, feedback and improvement chain leading to higher levels of growth and achievement on your life journey)

It may seem like self motivation happens automatically for a select few, in reality self motivation is cultivated (whether knowingly or unknowingly) which means that you have just as much opportunity as anyone to become massively self motivated in your life despite where you may find yourself today.

Let us know…do you consider yourself self-motivated today?

If not, do you believe this is something you can change in your life?

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