Mastering Self-Discipline – 4 Simple Steps


It's the first post on our new personal development blog, and without a doubt we thought it should be on a topic we all restle with each and everyday….self-discipline. 

So often when we examine our lives, our current state – we tend to blame procrastination, our ability to stick with something long enough to see it through.

Indeed, society today places a high degree of importance on our ability to "stick with it".  We tend to trust people who are consistent, who are there when we need them, who have a clear plan and carry through on what they say or think.  At the root of being able to act consistently with our focus is self-discipline.

As simple as it sounds, there are many reasons why we cannot seem to achieve self-discipline…

  • Our focus is not in line with our underlying values
  • We do not fully believe in our own direction or plan
  • We have not dealt with the many factors in our lives that may interfere with progress
  • We are unable to overcome distraction and re-align ourselves with our key mission

Tips on Mastering Self-Discipline

First, understand that you control your direction, focus and discipline – that although things around you may distract you, in the end – it is you that has final control.

Second, you require both focus mentally and in terms of action.  Some people can be incredibly focused mentally, but can never seem to put their plan into action, while others take action readily, but can't seem to focus on a consistent plan.  Experiencing true self-discipline means you need to control both your thoughts and actions.  Read this article on "Mind Power" that will help you to guide the power you already have within you toward achieving greater self-discipline.

 Third, one of the key concepts in achieving a higher state of self-discipline is to understand the power of consistent repetition and it's impact on your brain.  The more often you perform an activity, the easier and more natural it gets and more important – the more pattern-forming the behavior becomes in terms of brain function. 

In other words, you really can 'program yourself' for mastering self-discipline.  You must understand that only through consistent repetition will you achieve self-discipline.

Finally, be mission and purpose driven rather than allowing your lifeplan to be directed by someone else around you.  So many people I know are really living someone else's objectives by living their life purpose or mission, they have forgotten what their own life purpose really is.  You will not achieve self-discipline by following someone else's lifeplan. 

The journey toward mastering self-discipline is a key component to overall self-improvement impacting all aspects of our business, financial, social and private lives ultimately impacting our self-worth and happiness.  Work on these tips for mastering self-discipline and watch your life improve in many areas.


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October 29, 2010

Karen @ 3:11 am #

Thank you.

November 21, 2010

Matt @ 3:50 pm #

Nice and simple… thanks

October 7, 2011

aidi @ 4:08 am #

Clear simple articulation nad what i like the most, its to the point. i will definitely work on this and comment again if the application works for me.

Eyoh @ 9:49 pm #

Simple and concise, yet requires a great deal of personal strength to achieve.

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