Mastering Painless Willpower In Your Life


Willpower, the ability to stick to your objectives and practices despite any setbacks (whether internal or external) is something we would all like to increase in our life…if we could just push through resistance and stick with our plans, we could be in a much better place right now.

True enough, we don't need to be robots, after all we are feeling, emotional human beings and sometimes straying off the path, enjoying life and taking unexpected directions is more beneficial than sticking to plan, but I'm sure you will agree, there are times when having the willpower to see through your plans is necessary and beneficial

When it comes to improving one's health, eating better, learning the details to start a business or improve your career or even sticking with raising a challenging child…these all require willpower, sometimes a great deal of willpower!

How Can We Improve our Willpower And Get Things Done In Life?

What helps me most to apply willpower is

1. Having a big WHY behind the activities that I prioritize as musts.  Willpower depends heavily on being motivated and that motivation comes from the vision of the desired outcome we have developed in our minds AND the belief that we will be able to achieve that desired outcome.  It starts with knowing what you want and having a highly emotional reason attached to why you want to achieve your desired outcome.

2. Visualizing the results of applying willpower as already being a reality. Once you have the big reason as fuel for your willpower, the next factor is making sure your mind is conditioned to believe that your desired objective will (or has already) been realized…having a vision of where you want to go is not enough, your mind must be convinced you will arrive in order for willpower to be forceful

3. Getting those items done FIRST…I am much more productive in the morning and so my priority is to use that time for the activities/practices I choose to apply willpower.  In your case, make sure you priortize the actions you want to improve the influence of willpower, this will increase your chance of success substantially.

Start today with reinforcing the reasons behind the tasks you want to improve on, visualize the end result and prioritize those tasks and you will be well on your way to improving your willpower in life.


We've explained what works for us, how do you reinforce willpower in your life…or let us know what challenges you have by leaving a comment.

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