Making The Most Of Your Life


Have you ever thought to yourself…"how do I make the most of my life?" 

We all have times when we reflect on our lives and really wonder if we are on the right track. 

Are we where we thought we would be financially? 

Do we have the deep, meaningful friendships and relationships we thought we would have at this point in our lives? 

  • Are we confident and comfortable in our own skin? 
  • Do we feel happy or at peace with ourselves? 
  • Have you experienced the places and events you have wanted to?

I believe it is healthy to reflect, question and check on where we are in relation to where we want to be in life – the key is to not dwell on it.

Some people let the feelings of being stuck or not being where they thought they would be in life eat them up inside.

They become consumed by the frustration of not having the energy, time or confidence to get themselves taking action toward their goals and fear, sometimes more than anything else, that they will leave this earth not having experienced the major milestones they have in their minds. 

When you hit a point in your life like this, sometimes triggered by a negative event in your life, we have to watch that it doesn't become an "excuse" where we become used to being the passive victim – where we almost get some sort of strange pleasure out of blaming external situations or people for our own lack of action toward getting the most out of life.

If that sounds like you, then try taking these 3 steps to get yourself back on track and get the most out of life:

1. Take responsibility for your own situation and future behavior.  You are exactly where you have put yourself…period! If you can point to situations or other people, then look closely – wasn't it really your RESPONSE to those situations and other people that have resulted in any negativity you perceive in your life now?  Stop making yourself the victim choosing active control as the best alternative. Responsibility may sound like a big, ugly word – but the flipside of responsibility is unlimited control, confidence and the absolute key to getting your life unstuck, back to where you get the most from your life.

2. We are habit driven..change the habits and change our results.  If the habits we have had so far (sleeping, eating, communication, relationship, daily activity, etc…) have not been leading to the life we want, then we must change those habits.  Taking responsibility is a good start, but then we want to extend this to change things up in our life.  Start with our thoughts.   Begin by consciously taking 20-minutes 3-times a day to actually bring attention to our internal thoughts – that voice that we constantly have going inside of our heads.  For pretty much every one of us, those thoughts are 98% negative, self-critical, scolding ourselves while 2% or less are anything approaching positive.  To change our habits we need to change this around – after realizing the negative thought patterns we want to substitute those with positive self-talk and thoughts.  After all, positive thoughts lead to positive behavior – and recurring positive behavior leads to positive habits. 

3. Deal with our fears and manage stress.  When we drive forward, take responsibility and begin to be more mindful of our negative thoughts substituting them with positive thoughts – there will be fears, insecurities, doubts and periods of stress that will threaten to bring us back to old ways.  To make the most of our lives we have to learn to control our fear (put it into perspective where it doesn't stop us from making progress), manage stress so that it doesn't smother us and recognize, but not be controlled by our insecurities.  For those who make the most of their lives, fear is recognized, but perceived as a natural, yet ineffective barrier to making progress.  Stress is set aside as we climb ever higher mountains and insecurities become simply yet to be achieved challenges – learning opportunties. 

In Attracting Greatness it becomes very clear that the top achievers in nearly any field or personal conquest has taken full responsibility and reaped the rewards, realizes their thoughts and habits are closely linked and has faced the fears, insecurities and responses to stress on their path to experiencing incredible growth, massive fulfillment and they teach us that making the most of your life is within our control…will you take the challenge?

Or maybe a better way to put it…are you willing to GIVE UP the challenge and keep living in fear, dread, victimized and without hope?  Put that way, isn't it quite clear what path you must take?

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