Looking For Your Life Purpose – Try This…


It's funny, when I was young I remember having grandoise dreams, the world was my oyster and given the right amount of effort I was damn sure I could change the world.  Identifying a purpose for life was not an issue, each day came with new potential and was largely purpose driven. 

Fast forward 10-years and things were not so clear.  As we discuss, the health breakdown that occurred leading to the Attract Greatness Blueprint System was major and surely was the bottom leading to a recovery system and a renewal of a purpose driven life. 

What about you?  Do you feel stuck in a rut?  Unable to get motivated?  Are you stuck in a mode of negative thinking – and you just know that's not you?

For me, the worst point was the year following university when I had a job I hated, struggled in relationships, smacked in the chops by the cruel realities of life – or so I thought. 

Emotional negativity translated into health challenges which then fed a vicious spiral downward until I was able to break the circle by uncovering the common health challenges (outlined in Attracting Greatness) and working on overcoming fear, stress and improving self-esteem – all fueled by allowing my life purpose to guide daily behavior. 

Since then we have helped hundreds of others overcome health challenges, overcome fear and phobia, realize dramatic improvements in their self-confidence – but the question we get asked the most is "how do I find my life purpose?"

Here are 3 methods that will help you to recognize and live in concert with your inner life purpose:

1. Realization:  The first step is to realize that your life purpose is within you right now…not something that someone can teach you, tell you or give you.  So many of us look outside ourselves for a life purpose and end up living someone else's purpose.  I suppose there is a slim chance that by some amazing odds your life purpose may correspond to someone else, but the chances are so small that you MUST learn to look inward and discover your own purpose driven life. 

2. Introspection – getting to know you.  It is so true that many of us know those around us far better than we know ourselves.  Take a best friend, family member or spouse/date – think of the questions you ask over the course of your relationship.  Often these relationships are a river of learning about the other person, yet how many questions do we ask ourselves?  Really…how many times have you come up with questions about your happiness, fulfillment, and yes, life purpose and asked yourself in a moment where you really get a chance to think? 

One of the keys to incredible achievement in many lives I've studied (and indeed my own) involves techniques that let you become more in tune with your own beliefs, and life purpose.  Meditation is a critical method to use and by far the best way to access your life purpose.  Yoga, left-brain activities such as art or music also work very well.  Learning to block out things around you, put fear, stress and events around us into the proper perspective all play an important role letting your true purpose in life to come through naturally. 

3. Tend to your garden.  To discover your purpose in life it inovlves more about controlling the negative influences in your life than active discovery.  For many of us we live in a constant state of stress, fear, and toxicity which all serve to block us from finding your purpose in life.  We spend so much time on diversions (TV, video games, alcohol, and yes, the internet), in a state of fear (which puts us on the defensive and prevents us from living our true intentions), and under constant health toxicity (which leads to surviving instead of prospering) that there is no way our true life purpose can come through. 

By realizing that our life purpose exists within us to be discovered, and knowing that we must get our life in order to let that purpose come out naturally we can often completely alter our life in a matter of weeks – are you up the challenge?

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