Living A Life With Meaning


Last month I wrote a blog post about 4 Ways To Find Your Purpose In Life – and heard from many of you by email and on Twitter (follow us on Twitter @HigherTrust ) that this post really hit on something important for your life.

One question I did get several times over though was around how BIG that purpose had to be?

In other words, was having a purpose to "Live a life without stress" enough to be a purpose in life or does it have to be something that rocks the world?

I thought that question was brilliant enough to cover off in another post, especially as we approach the end of 2014 and head into the New Year.

A Life With More Meaning

One way to think about living life in tune with your purpose is to re-focus and think in terms of what would give your life more meaning instead.

Living a life of meaning, having your life MEAN something is at the root of many ratings of life satisfaction, energy, motivation and health.

So if finding your purpose in life confuses you more than helps you, try focusing on what would enhance the meaning of your life in its place.

Here are some examples:

  1. To move into a job, career or business where you are contributing to the happiness, health or wellness of others.  Many of us settle for jobs or careers that we somehow "fell" into or that were right for us years ago, but perhaps do not allow us to live in true alignment with what we deem adds meaning today.  Resolve to change that and explore ways that you can migrate into positions, jobs or careers (over time) that will get you closer to working with meaning
  2. Can you contribute more to teaching or mentoring those around you?  There are many organizations where you can coach or mentor youth or adults sharing your knowledge with those around you – a couple of hours a week living more in tune with what gives you meaning can make a massive difference
  3. If you believe that being closer to family would give your life more meaning, then seek out ways you can help your family…find the people in your family that are positive role models and spend more time with them learning from them and teaching them
  4. Examine the people you spend the most time with – are they toxic to you or are they in alignment with what gives you meaning?  If they are not aligned with what your sense of meaning in life is then move on and spend time with people who are aligned

When you re-align your life toward living in tune with what means the most to you and those around you tremendous improvements in your mental attitude, health and energy will result.

So what about you – do you live a life of meaning or is that something you aim to work on into the New Year?

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