Life Is Messy, Learn To Love The Mess!


One of the challenges I had through the first 30-years of my life that I also see many others struggling with is the fundamental assumption that life should be perfect, clean, concise – that it should conform to certain fundamental rules and that you somehow exist within the confines of the four walls that define your universe.

That's a nice concept, but does not address the day-to-day reality we face in life.

Here's why:

  • We face daily competition from others who have figured out that life is messy and they are going for it
  • When you live like this, you tend to let every setback or abnormality to your "perfect" picture of life interfere causing stress and anxiety
  • Humans value truth, effort and inspiration – when you live according to a false set of "walls" you do not emit truth, effort or inspiration
  • Change is how we learn, our sum total of experiences are directly proportional to how satisfied and how much success we achieve in life

So, if we choose to continue to try and live an ordered life in an environment of constantly changing characteristics we will be left behind in a self-imposed prison where we cut ourselves off from the world and where our four walls will eventually collapse on top of ourselves.

This happens daily as I see people with massive amounts of stress, chronic health challenges, depression, addictions and anxiety all because they are "fighting" the natural reality that life is messy and to enjoy and get the most out of life, we must adapt and learn to not only live within that "messy" environment, but learn to embrace and enjoy it.

Have you ever noticed that people who seem to make it the farthest in life, enjoy life the most and influence others seem to "not have a care in the world?"

In other words, there could be a hurricane of change going on around them and instead of hiding to wait out the latest flurry of change, they step right up and insert themselves in the middle feeling self-assured that they can handle the mess no matter how large it becomes.

Can you imagine having that peace of mind, that self confidence to know you can withstand any storm, learn from any challenge and become stronger no matter what is going on around you?

In Attracting Greatness, the 5 Pillars of Greatness outline specific steps to finding your purpose in life, managing stress, dealing with fears and preparing yourself for the REAL life we live in – a life embracing and riding change to massive success and happiness in your life.

Are you someone who ignores or avoids change?

Or, are you someone who thrives in the face of change…who has figured out that life is messy and you love the mess?


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