Learning To Like Yourself


The saying "you can't attract love into your life until you love yourself" is very true.  When you go through negative times in your life, struggle with your relationships, health, money and your own outlook on a day-by-day basis – chances are you also are experiencing a period where you aren't really liking or loving yourself.

That elusive "happiness" goal we all have in the back of our minds has much more to do with how we feel about ourselves than what happens around us…so let's tackle learning to life ourselves.

When you are down on yourself, you tend to:

  • Spend constant energy battling yourself which makes you tired, low energy, poor immune system, less attentive to everything around you, poor body language and social skills
  • You lose perspective on objective reality, instead you create pictures of the worst possible situation and live that each day
  • You come across to others as either stuck-up, hard to get along with, angry or so wrapped up in yourself most people wouldn't have anything to do with you

What is most challenging when you are in this state is KNOWING you are in this state.

It starts subtly with self-doubt, anxiety or one aspect of your character that you get down on yourself about.

For example – here are some we heard when we talk with people who have read Attracting Greatness

  • I have poor social skills, I'm shy or just not good in social situations
  • I can't seem to carry out my dreams – I'm going nowhere
  • I struggle with my health or energy – I just don't have the same drive as 99% of the population
  • I am fragile – I can't handle rejection or setbacks…like others can
  • Nobody likes me…I just can't figure out why that is, but it IS

Do these sound familiar?

What happens is that you take one perceived flaw in your character and turn that into a reason to beat yourself up continuously each day…without really knowing what impact that is having on your life.

But does this really make sense? 

Here are a couple of facts that may change your mind and help you to like yourself again:

  1. We are all better at some things than others…if you can't cook does that mean you are a lesser person or that you should hate yourself?  Seriously, if you have challenges in certain situations in life, that should not take away from all of the things you ARE good at.  Maybe you are not the life of the party, but 1 on 1 I bet you are a very compelling person.  There are always positives to go along with any perceived weaknesses you have, so start focusing on the positives (or lamenting over them like you do on the negatives now)
  2. Nobody is perfect, maybe someone is socially better than you but chances are they are suffering with their own low self-esteem on other matters (perhaps their ability to be alone, to be comfortable in their own skin or in 1 on 1 social situations. 
  3. We can all improve…so you may believe you are weak in a certain area today, the fact is that we can improve on those situations and often do naturally as we mature, so what is today is NOT what will be tomorrow

Learning to like yourself is one of the MOST important things you can do right now to change your entire future for the better…print this off and make sure you read it at least once each day so that you can work on learning to like yourself instead of hating yourself.

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