Lacking Belief In Yourself – Watch This!


You could be a champion for civil rights, a clergy member who inspires Millions, a top entrepreneur or artist – it doesn't matter, you will have days when you hit bottom.

You lose your belief in yourself, doubts creep in and you just can't seem to get interested or motivated by anything.

It happens to all of us…the ability to jump out of this funk, this rut in your life is what we can learn so that it doesn't linger and grow to impact every area of our lives.

You know what I mean…you lose your job which deals you a blow to your belief in yourself.

Suddenly that leads to problems in your relationships, which further results in a hit to your confidence

Then we get hit with a big bill or financial challenge or perhaps a health challenge – suddenly your rut turns from temporary into a belief that the world is stacked against you.

Hope begins to disappear, you have less to look forward to and you hit that all-time low in your life.

When we all get caught in these situations the real trick is to defeat that low self-belief, reverse doubt in yourself, focus on what we DO have instead of what we don't have – how do we quickly pull ourselves out of that state and change it quickly so we don't end up in that rut, that spiral of self doubt.

One of the tools I use is videos, I highly recommend you watch this video from Nick Vujici – watch it a few times and soon the messages will kick-in and you will be able to pull yourself out of your rut on-demand.

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