Lack Confidence – Build Competence


There's not a worse feeling in the world than how lacking confidence in yourself makes you feel is there?

We dread letting ourselves down and actually admitting that we lack the self confidence required to push through certain situations in our life…we dread it so much that we make every excuse known to mankind so that we don't have to face the reality.

Blaming others , blaming the situation, putting the blame on the past or on ANY other aspect of your life you no longer control is the usual way we choose to handle low self confidence.

When that no longer works, we evolve into victim mode – believing that at least if you can't muster the confidence to change your life you can at lest get some attention and sympathy AND escape responsibility by being the victim.

Bad part of that scene is that you develop new habits that support the role of victim…you get into habits that lower your expectations, reinforce the negative habits in your life so you can feed your desire for sympathy and attention…until you crash.

So How Do You Confront And Deal With Low Self Confidence?

Let's say you are fed up with being the victim and you don't want to live in fear, frustration or self-hatred any longer – but you really want to confront your fear and low self confidence – what can you do.

One of the most powerful ways to build your self-confidence in an area of your life where you lack that confidence today is build your competence.

Here are a few examples.

1. What if you struggle with losing 20-lbs and that physical disability you have in your brain is causing all kinds of problems in your life from lack of energy to keeping you from meeting friends or potential romantic partners.  What you do know is nothing you have learned so far has helped you lose that 20-lbs.  Instead of turning your head and fretting, why not jump into learning everything you can about weight loss, learn from those who have gone through it and give yourself new opportunities to shed that weight.  Now, suddenly you are empowered to new levels of self-confidence even before you lose the weight.  You regain your confidence in your ability to control a situation.

2. Another struggle may be around your job, career or business.  You struggle with your job, don't like it, hate your boss and find every hour seems like a day.  Again, instead of putting your head down and just putting up with it…start the process of discovering what you really want to do.  What would be fun to learn more about -even if you know nothing about it today?  Then find time to begin to build your competence around that area of your life.  Suddenly your current job simply acts as a stepping stone on a path that looks much brighter than it did even yesterday.

Look, tackling your lack of confidence through controlled decisions to improve your competence is a powerful, energy-driving force that can be activated by you to overcome confidence lulls in your life – helping you reach new levels and become unstuck in your life. 

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