Knowing What To Do In Life?


want in lifeI talk with friends, my own family and the families of those around me and I really wonder, has it ever been as confusing to know what to do in life?

Here's what I mean…

  • The economy is in the midst of the greatest change since the Great Depression in the 1930's
  • Information is growing at a mind-boggling rate that requires more focus than ever before
  • Technology has provided unprecedented distractions just when we need to maintain internal and external focus
  • Social systems are under extreme pressure as individualism collides with psychological and economic desperation
  • Companies are no longer offering long-term, secure jobs – instead we each must now look at our own personal branding to enhance our value in the marketplace
  • The dreams and aspirations we have of being happy, wealthy, secure, and one-step ahead are as lofty as they have ever been
  • Our sense of community is evolving from physical to digital…with today's generation firmly caught between the two leaving them seeking a sense of "belonging" and "place" in today's society

It is within this context of rapid change that we must arm ourselves with a direction in life that is backed by meaning as well as being aligned with our future goals and values.

There's no doubt, knowing what to do in life and how to change your life to better align with where you want to be in 1-year, 5-years and 20-years is a tall order these days.

Yet for the thousands that have used the steps in Attracting Greatness to realize profound happiness and confidence in their lives, re-directing their lives toward finding purpose and meaning in life is key to greater health, happiness and quality of life.

Here are 4 tips you should be using today to get a handle on what you should do in life:

1. Dedicated Time & Effort

For many people pondering what to do in life, these are fleeting thoughts, worries, frustrations that are mixed in with the thousands of other thoughts and tasks in a busy day.  Perhaps something major has happened in your life – you have lost your job, are struggling with a health challenge or have had something shocking happen to someone around you that once again makes you seriously think about what you want to do in life.  The next step is to dedicate time twice daily – 1) 20 Minutes to meditation and relaxation…this is not JUST to handle stress, but is to allow yourself to see things in your life more clearly, more objectively without the fear and doubt that causes so many of us to give up 2) Focus 10-minutes each day on what you want to do.  Write down your "ideal" place in life – who you would spend time with, what you would be doing, how you would contribute and add value to society, what would make you feel incredible at the end of each day. Be truthful, while sitting around lounging by the beach is certainly a good way to unwind, it is not a long-term objective as you get bored very quickly.

2. You Already Know…Now Go Find It!

The incredible truth of being humans here on earth is that we ALL have reasons, passions, skills, abilities and desires to accomplish things in our life…we don't have to create those, they already exist.  No matter how bleak things look, how beaten down you may be or how frustrating things can seem right now, your liberation is finding out what to do in life that aligns with your purpose and passions.  Think of the next weeks as an exciting journey you will begin toward peeling back the onion and finally discovering the innate things in your life that will guide you to what you want to do next in life.

3. It's Your Thing…Not Theirs

Too many of us look for the "quick fix" when we adopt a definition of what do I want to do in life…in doing so we latch onto someone else's definition and convince ourselves this is it without actually putting the work in to find out what OUR best definition is.   There is no greater mis-direction or miscalculation in life than spending years chasing a dream only to find out you were living someone else's dream.  Be VERY suspicious if you find yourself grasping onto a life meaning or life direction because someone influential in your life tells you or convinces you to move into that direction.  Ultimately, knowing what to do in life is unique to you and you must find that yourself.

4. It Takes Time…Have Patience and Enjoy The Journey

I have known a few people who can instantly put their finger on the meaning of life and change their life accordingly…I have known FAR more who take years to figure it all out, and some never do.  So don't expect this to be a 2-week or even 2-month exercise…but what you can expect is to start feeling better about yourself, having a heightened sense of self-confidence nearly immediately after you begin the journey of knowing what to do in life.  Why?  Simply because you are taking control, you are guiding the journey and you ultimately are confident that your journey will end up in wild happiness.  Armed with these beliefs, even if it takes years to ultimately find your true calling, navigating the path toward this discovery will lead to emotional and physical well being early on.

Are you better prepared to begin the journey toward discovering what to do in life?  Think about the journey you have been on so far…how has that turned our for you?   Isn't  it time to move beyond the past and set sail on a new journey where you control the next months as you being your latest life adventure?  The progression toward finding what to do in life is as rewarding as the realization…and getting started is something you control.

Leave a comment if this information has been helpful or if you still have questions about finding what you want to do in life.

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