It's Ok To Down On The Mat


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I am obviously a big supporter (and hopefully have done my share) of improving people's lives through personal development and self improvement.

I also believe entirely that anyone can completely reverse their past or even present by taking control and changing tomorrow, and the days after that.

The Dark Side of Personal Development

What I do disagree with though is advice, systems or attempts to improve in life based on ignoring where you have been and where you are today – somehow trying to fabricate your future by trying to hide or gloss over where you have come from.

See, it is my experience that you must first come to terms with where you have been and where you are today.

I have worked with many people who tried to "put a happy face" on in public or even faked themselves out for a month or so only to crash even harder because in the end they hadn't yet come to terms with their past or present situation and hadn't yet figured out that they really don't trust or respect themselves.

If you are at the bottom, then no amount of "putting lipstick on a pig" is going to work because you KNOW you were and are at the bottom.

In order for you to truly take control of today and change your tomorrow you must have belief in yourself, trust in yourself and complete belief in your ability to achieve the goals you will set for yourself starting NOW!

True Personal Development Happens When You Grow From The Inside

In order to arrive at that place in your mind you must come to terms with where you were and where you are…know that these were painful places and realize some of the mistakes you may have made that resulted in those low periods in your life.

Absolutely, under NO circumstances should this become a "pity party"!

The purpose here is not to dig up the past or dwell on the present to bring you down or give you an excuse to opt-out of your personal responsibility to take control and change starting today, but rather give yourself the confidence and assurance that you can deal with where you were and where you are…that you can handle it and can overcome these challenges in the future.

For many people who are at a low point in their lives, they can't even fathom facing their true situation.

That leads them to desperately seek out distraction in the form of alcohol, drugs, pity through presenting yourself as the victim, procrastination, addictive behaviour around shopping, watching TV, gaming and such…

Not until you can face the TRUTH of where you were and may still be can you truly have the strength to move on.

If You Are Down On The Mat, Then You Are Down On The Mat – Start There!

So yes, it is ok to be down on the mat, to be in a low place in your life right now and to know that.

Through this acknowledgement will come strength and empowerment allowing you to build the self-confidence and self-trust required to take the next steps in your life.

Go ahead and take that step today.

If you are at a place in your life where you want badly to change, then start taking control by facing the truth about where you are, how you got here and what challenges may have led up to you being where you are.

Through clarity will come strength, and through strength will come newly found confidence and hope which paves the foundation for renewal and growth.

Share your vulnerability and realization with those around you so they too see your renaissance and can help you on that journey.

Go from the mat to winning is a journey of personal growth  – it starts with being clear on your starting point and knowing you can come out on the other side.

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