It's Good To Be Fed Up


For many people, their day is spent trying to manage their own emotions…

  • Try to avoid things that stress them out
  • Try to keep their anger inside
  • Try to keep from breaking down
  • Avoid contact with those that either upset or intimidate them
  • Stretch their patience
  • Do just about anything to avoid things that make them feel worse (including watching TV, surfing the internet or procrastinating)

Let's face it, most people are just trying to get through the day…hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Even if it is, the problems are still there and inevitably over the coming days they will go through another episode just like this.

What Does It Look Like Before Change Happens?

We've talked on this blog and in our courses before about how change happens in your life:

  • It is FORCED on you by a dramatic life event such as losing your job, health or a relationship
  • You reach a tipping point where you are so fed up that the risk of NOT changing overrides the fear of change

So what does it look like when the second catalyst for change in your life happens?

That can look pretty ugly when you are living it.

For many of us, things have to get pretty bad before our desire for change finally bubbles over and takes over the fear and risk of change right?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. You are fixating more and more on something that you don't like in your life.  It could be that 20lbs you have been carrying around that just became 30 and suddenly you can't stop thinking about it…it haunts you day and night 
  2. It is impacting your life more than it ever has.  You are so fed up with your job that you aren't sleeping, you are mean to those around you, you just break down and are tired all the time – you hit an all time low
  3. Suddenly you start to see alternatives, you find yourself searching for ways to change and you slowly find yourself becoming more obsessed with finding a way out of your situation
  4. You flip the switch…even though you may not change overnight, you have flipped a switch in your head to where you MUST change and that change becomes a new belief and certainty in your life

For many people, moving through this phase is extremely unsettling, creates more fear and resistance, can impact those more around you than you ever have and can lead to behavior that you have never exhibited before due to anxiety, stress and mental anguish.

The title of this post was It Is Good To Be Fed Up…or more appropriately, it's good when you reach this point.

No, I'm not crazy, and yes I only want what is best for you.

The truth is though that we have created years upon years of defensive thoughts and beliefs all designed to resist change.

We have built up risk scenarios that are wildly unreasonable, to the point where anyone else looking inside of our thoughts would call us insane!

Yet, that is the reality we must repel.

Doing that means the pain associated with life must reach a very high point before it overcomes the pain associated with the perception we have created around change.

If you have reached a point in your life where things have gotten worse…where you feel you are on the edge of breakdown, where you are approaching the point you feel you just can't handle things anymore then know this very well could be the tipping point for you to push through and finally make meaningful change in your life in terms of your own development, your confidence, your ability to support yourself and your family, your effectiveness and attractiveness.

The old saying "It's Darkest Before The Dawn" now has meaning…the "Darkness" is what will eventually propel you toward true change giving you the urgency and desperation you need to push through years of resistance.

Are you fed up with where you are in a part of your life?

Good…we'll see you on the other side.

In the meantime, if you want help accelerating change in your life…help with moving yourself through the necessary cycle of breaking down fear, anxiety and all that is holding you back so you can experience profound, meaningful change without experiencing the very bottom – work through this leading 4-Step program to SNAP out of your rut in life and learn to become great regardless of where you are right now.

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