It's Called Mind & Body For A Reason


We spend a great deal of time on this blog and through our various programs such as our top selling "Getting Unstuck In Your Life" program working on understanding and then re-programming our minds for breakthrough results in your life.

We can't JUST rely on the mind though, as important as that is.

To move forward in your life and make progress on your life goals you MUST pay attention to your physical body as well.

That means…

1. Clean & Healthy

Most of our bodies are filled with the affects of years of neglect (or at least mild "turning the other way") which means we are living in a state of being physically unbalanced leading to being unwell.

Many people live with daily digestive, bowel, blood sugar and sleep problems not to mention they have compromised immune systems, parasites or bacterial infections that seem to linger forever and severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies (not because they are not getting enough, but because their bodies are so unbalanced they are not properly absorbing them)

There is no way you can have a clear mind, energetic body, properly functioning immune system, optimal digestive ability and overall healthy body without addressing common factors including yeast/candida overgrowth, parasitic infections (you can get them from your kids or your pet for example), stressed out organs (think pancreas and liver among others) as well as common issues of being overweight and having food or environmental sensitivities/allergies.

Two things you need to do here – get with a naturopath that you trust and that knows his or her stuff and second, get some advanced blood testing to tell what you have too much of or not enough of in your body.

Until you address this unbalanced state, all of your additional health and self improvements are sort of like climbing a mountain instead of leveraging a healthy body to begin with.

2. Daily Exercise

I used to believe that 30-minutes a day 3X a week was enough to keep my body strong and aerobically healthy.

Not anymore – you need more like 1-hour daily.

My regime now is a mix of:

  • 30-min aerobic activity 6X a week such as running, cycling, swimming or other activity where your heart rate can be consistently elevated into your ideal aerobic range (for my age that means between 135 and 155)
  • 10-min core activity – various plank exercises including front, elevated and side planks – if you only do one series of exercises each day make it this category
  • 10-min lower body (every other day) – lunges, jacks, pivots, etc…that are designed to work your legs and core
  • 10-min upper body (every other day) – curls, push ups, variations of sit ups (core and upper body) overhead strength training
  • 10-min other – work in other exercises as I want to try new things or work on specific, targeted areas

Folks, you want to work your way to this type of exercise regime – you will be amazed at the difference this will make in your life and finally you will stop fooling yourself by trying too little exercise resulting in limited results.

Here's what will happen after a week or two of following this process:

  • You will have amazing energy – it actually surprised me to the point where I thought there was something wrong when I first started all of this
  • You will sleep less, but sleep more soundly and be more rested
  • You will become positive and creative again instead of being stuck in a fog and negative
  • You will be ready for action…less sitting and less fretting with more of a desire to DO things
  • You will become more pleasant to be around and can become a much better influencer and friend
  • You will build back your health and be able to better fight off colds, flu's and infections
  • You will become addicted to a new way of life, new habits and new results

One final HUGE advantage you will get – suddenly you will experience much more benefit from your self improvement when your body can respond and help lead the way.

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