Is Your Mind Busy About The Right Things?


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I get told often by people that "I am so stressed" where they assume that stress is coming from being too busy or doing too many things.

Yet, if you really dig in, the stress comes not from being too busy but rather from the uncertainty and lack of control over one's life.

For instance, how do you reconcile the fact that some of the happiest, most successful people in the world are FAR busier than your own schedule.

Do you think that people like Bill Gates, Ghadi, Tony Robbins, Oprah or any other top gun in their particular area of life are less busy than you?

So being stressed is NOT about being busy…in fact I know (as I'm sure you do to) many people completely paralyzed by stress who have TOO MUCH time on their hands, fueling their worry, overwhelm and stress.

If stress is not really due to being too busy, what then IS it about?


Many people can relate when I use the term overwhelm as a paralyzing feeling that you are treading water and that you can't stay floating much longer…what can be a rather terrifying feeling.

If you really look at what makes up overwhelm though, you can determine how to remove this source of stress from your life:

  • Lack of control…you have given up control of your thoughts, creative energy, schedule, your emotions, your physical energy, etc…Perhaps it's a job that you make decent money to pay the bills but you hate it and give up total control to the point where you experience severe overwhelm
  • Misaligned With Your Desired Life Direction –   Even if you are not conscious of where you want to go in life, the foundational values, beliefs and thoughts are there.  When we allow people, situations or thoughts in that are not congruent with our direction – we become overwhelmed with each step we take further away from where we really want to go
  • Hopelessness –   Nothing is more overwhelming and stressful than when you know you are on the wrong path AND you have very little hope of righting the ship.  Combine these two factors and overwhelm becomes chronic

You've Been Misled 

Much of the stress in our lives really comes down to mistaken ideas and thoughts that were planted in us by our parents, friends and teachers.   While this is not intentional of course, it is the only way they know, we can't dismiss how destructive this is on our lives.

For example, we are taught principles of obeying, of going out and finding a "job", of depending on others for our own long-term security in life.

Think about that carefully.

Isn't that what we just attributed high levels of overwhelm and stress to in your life?  Giving up control, being led down a path that is not congruent to your own thoughts or beliefs and losing hope that you really can control your destiny is EXACTLY what we are taught to do by our parents and schools when we are young.

  • Follow the rules
  • Learn what is taught
  • Prepare yourself to be directed in a job
  • Seek out security by working for others
  • You better FIT IN or you won't be able to support your family

The stage is set, you have been brainwashed to mindlessly accept the direction that others have set out for you.


What about thinking independently?

What about creating your own vision and plan for your future?

What about choosing how you will bring value to society (in exchange for financial reward or otherwise) and who you choose to spend your time with?

Suddenly it doesn't seem so hard to understand why stress is such a chronic problem for us, why mental illness is at such an all-time high and why so many of you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and depressed in your lives.

Become Re-Informed

It goes without saying that IF you expect to break out of the rut you find yourself in today, your mind needs a degree of re-programming.

Old beliefs, thoughts and habits must be blown wide open and new ways of thinking allowing you to finally unleash your true potential must be allowed to the surface.

When this happens, you will find some incredible things will happen:

  1. Stress virtually disappears…it's often like you had a 100lb weight holding you down that is suddenly gone
  2. You become busier, but much happier dispelling the myth that business is the cause of stress
  3. You regain the energy you had as a child BEFORE you were programmed to be a robot controlled by someone else
  4. Amazing progress can be made in new directions in very short periods of time – often within weeks or months you will see new opportunities, new relationships, new results begin to happen for you as stress no longer holds you back

In the SNAP System For Getting Unstuck In Your Life – the purpose was to fast-track this transition, to help drive you through this critical step in getting Unstuck in your current life and open an entirely new life full of possibilities drawn directly from you within…

When you are ready to act on what you have read and know to be true...SNAP can help walk you through the process toward maximum happiness, effectiveness and fulfillment in your life.

The spark of your own massive success story is alive within you, waiting for you to fan the flames and finally allow your true potential shine on the world – are you ready to make it happen?


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October 11, 2015

Bob Levesque @ 2:35 am #

Totally agree – when I am busy working toward something I rarely get stressed – but if something is blocking me from putting my plan into action, that's what stresses me out


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