Is Life Purpose The Same As An Intention?


How many of us go through life just living day by day perhaps wishing or dreaming that something may come true, but without intention or life purose?

The next step we typically take is to set goals, often these goals are set as a result of some negative experience or energy in our life.

For example, we may set a goal to get a new job because our current source of income is in jeopardy of being lost.

Or, we may set a goal of losing 20-lbs because our doctor has told us that our health is at risk unless we lose weight or someone may have rejected you because you are not attractive…in either case, the motivation is negative.

The challenge with setting goals and declaring intentions based on negative reinforcement is that they are typically much less likely to materialize.  Much of this has to do with the energy associated with positive attraction versus the relatively weak energy of negative avoidance.

Now, when we take our goals to the next step – where we declar an intention or affirmation to make them more likely to come true, we can run into a major roadblock if they are NOT in line with our life purpose. 

What is our life purpose?

Recall in our blog posting titled "2 Simple Ways To Uncover Your Life Purpose In 60-Minutes Or Less" the first important thing to keep in mind is that our life purpose is a way of living rather than any one single achievement or objective.

In other words, even though our goal may be to lose 10-pounds, our life purpose would be more like "I am dedicated to living a healthy life so that I can contribute my maximum energy to raising my two children in the best way possible" 

In other words, your life purpose defines the WAY you will live your life – and must be congruent with your inner beliefs and values (the exercise in the blog post above will help you define your life purpse). 

I hope you can see that your life purpose then becomes the guiding light to making sense of your life, setting long-term and short-term goals, adjusting behaviors and improving your life in all sorts of ways.

Your life purpose then must come BEFORE your goal setting and intentions – it is the "beacon in the night" that guides your life plan congruently with your inner harmony to maximize the happiness, joy and success you experience in your life. 

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