Is Fear Ruling Your Life?


It can happen without you even realizing it…fear can become the basis for all of your thoughts, your beliefs which, in turn, govern your actions and your results.

Think about it, if you fear not having the self-confidence to be criticized (for example), you will spend enormous amounts of energy organizing your thoughts, your vision for your future, your life plan and your day-to-day activity in order to avoid being criticized.

Unfortunately, that means you avoid stepping out of the shadows, avoid anyone who you perceive that may call you out or be in a position to criticize you (Ex superiors of any kind), avoid most social situations, hold back sharing many of your thoughts, beliefs and knowledge for fear it will be torn down all because you fear not having the strength to handle criticism.

Other fears that may be holding you back in the same way include:  fear of rejection, fear of failing, fear of disappointing someone important, fear of embarrassment, and probably a few dozen others that I haven't listed here.

If what you have read above touches a nerve, then you know exactly what I'm talking about – and perhaps, for the first time in a while, you realize that you have been held back more than you even thought by your fear.

So What Can You Do?

Fear is dealt with in detail inside SNAP – Getting Unstuck In Your Life, but to give you a powerful technique you can apply right now, let's talk about pushing through.

Realize first that almost all fear is irrational – at least the majority of that fear.  Aside from the very rare fear for survival purposes, all other fear is amassed and built up tremendously by your own mind.

Knowing that your fear is irrational, you can do three things to put fear in its place so that you can move ahead and actually be fueled by your fear instead of held back.

1. Have a Giant Vision For Your Life

People who I know have the MOST fear in their life are the people that either have no vision for their future or they have a simple vision of being average or normal…something they can't get overly excited about.

On the other hand, if you have a giant vision for your life, one that makes you excited to get out of bed each day – you become consumed by that vision and passion squeezing fear out of the front of your mind replacing it instead with hope, excitement, enthusiasm and confidence

2. Move Toward Your Fear

Just as living in fear became a habit (perhaps from the time you were scolded as a small child), you want to make challenging your fear your new habit.

By making a vow for the next 7-days to move toward those things that you fear the most you will not only dampen the irrational nature of your fear, you will be programming your mind with a new set of habits that push the line and challenge your fears as a rule instead of giving in to them

3. Visualize Success

Fear feeds on uncertainty and lack of belief while fear shrinks in the face of higher belief and certainty.  To prevent fear from limiting your life power any longer grow your belief and certainty around your goals by studying people who have gone before you, people who will boost your belief, know that what you seek is not just possible but is definite for you.

Will you commit to stop living in fear starting right now?

You can and your life will become an amazing, exciting and fulfilling journey as soon as you flick that switch in your mind committing to beating your fear back so you can let your light shine upon the world

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