Introverts Need Meditation More?


Meditation For Introverts

I've never been a big fan of the distinction made between introverts and extroverts – mainly because it is simply not that black and white.

Someone who is an introvert in a group situation may be incredibly extroverted 1:1 or with a small group.

I remember a great friend of mine who always seemed to be so extroverted when in large groups…but I always wondered why he was so quiet and seemingly uncomfortable around smaller group settings…then he admitted to me one day that smaller groups really do make him more uncomfortable.

Indeed, the traditional view of the introvert would be the opposite, that they are more comfortable with 1:1 than large groups, but even that varies significantly depending on the phase in their life, the situation and who the small or large groups are.

One thing I do believe is that we all have "introverted" and "extroverted" points in our life and so knowing how to deal with life in either case is valuable.

Labeling one as "introverted" or "extroverted" can widen the gap for those already struggling with their own self-esteem – giving them further cause to beat themselves up and feel negatively about their place in life instead of embracing their positives and coming to terms with certain circumstances where they are less comfortable (something we all must deal with)

Calming A "Busy Mind"

But, here is an interesting observation for those who tend to spend more time "inside their own head" if you will.

You know who you are…you daydream, have trouble focusing, often can't relax or sleep easily, almost feeling tormented by the furious pace of thoughts that race through your mind…no matter how hard you try to "live in the moment"

Here's an interesting article that argues meditation is especially important for those who find themselves in this state of mind…where you may appear calm and quiet on the outside, but are a towering inferno of brain activity on the inside.  Meditation can be especially helpful for us when we find ourselves in that state of mind.

I know looming deadlines, especially challenging times in my life or even exceptionally busy times causes me to go quiet and defensively (I suppose) regress into my own mind where, on the outside, I may appear very calm, but on the inside their is a busy subway station of thoughts and internal dialog going on that threatens attention, focus, productivity, health and sleep.

So yes, if you find yourself frequently unable to stay focused, on track and externally "plugged-in" then meditation will have an ever BIGGER benefit to your life…I certainly know that it has for us.  In fact the meditation exercises inside Attracting Greatness were specially designed for the "busy" mind where past attempts at visualization, relaxation and meditation have been laughable at best.

While it won't happen without some effort, the level of benefit experienced by introverts and others who find themselves with "busy minds" is incredibly high.

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