Improve Your Life – Accept And Grow


Sometimes trying to improve your life gets confusing doesn't it?

You're supposed to think positive, don't get down on yourself, focus on the positives right?

But, how can you ever improve your life, your skills and achieve your ultimate goals if you can't first face up to the reality of where you are right now? 

Ok, so now we're getting somewhere – I DO need to take a good hard long look at myself before I can put a plan together to improve my life. 

There's  a little problem though…it's not always easy, in fact it is pretty hard to face your current life situation.

For example, you want to become a great singer and you've always thought you had a pretty good voice, but suddenly you record yourself and discover (as we all do) that your voice is not the perfect, studio ready instrument you need to live out your dreams.

Now, is it better to put yourself through that pain in order to improve yourself or would it be better to continue on in blissful ignorance with your positive attitude?

Suddenly, you find yourself at the crossroads between a dreamer and the path to greatness…but most people will take a wrong turn at this point.

Two mistakes often get made at this point that result in a failure to improve your life.

1. You either decide it's too painful to face reality at this point so you retreat back into your cocoon and decide to ignore reality instead living on in blissful ignorance with the reality being that you won't get much better than you are right now.  Ok, but don't expect things to change much.

2. You decide to tackly reality on full bore and improve your life but then get caught up in self-judgement, become depressed and give up on yourself just when you were starting to make progress.

Yes, you must face reality, but No, you needn't give in to the dark forces of negativity left to wallow in self-pity. 

I would suggest that if you are striving to be a great singer, then you must evaluate your voice as if you were "outside" of yourself — the more awareness the better decisions you can make about improving. 

I've done this often by picturing myself as part of a movie – as if I'm watching in an audience, by myself so I can view as someone else might, in a more objective way. 

The key (or trick depending on where you are) is to be able to assess yourself from an objective outsider's point of view – accepting what you are and working on a plan for improvement rather than jumping to subjective, emotionally driven conclusions about your voice, appearance, etc…

But, how do you keep your emotions in check?  How do you keep from passing judgement on yourself and take a turn toward negativity instead of improving your life? 

There are several techniques that can help you to look at your own skills, behavior and feelings in more objective ways – meditation and yoga are two of the most powerful. 

In"Beyond Greatness" we suggest 5 giant steps toward tackling where you are in life right now and propelling yourself into amazing directions – places and feelings that you have aspired for several years but haven't been able to achieve. 

Think of it as starting to roll a snowball down the hill – within a short time suddenly you have created the energy that will manifest itself into an avalanche of incredible achievement. Finally, a system that will really improve your life.  


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