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learn to focusIsn't it amazing how we can seemingly achieve the impossible when we "get into zone" where we completely focus on a task, before we know it we have achieved something that really makes us proud and fulfilled.

In these types of life situations, getting started is the tough part…in fact our mind builds such resistance to taking action that we open up to all sorts of distractions hijacking our ability to get started and reach that optimal focus zone where we can accomplish near super-human things.

So the challenge is, how do we overcome this resistance to focus, enabling a greater degree of focus in our lives allowing us to ignore the "noise" to reach our true potential in life?


One of the most powerful concepts we realized allowed higher achievers possessed when putting together the life-plan manual Attracting Greatness  is the concept of processing stimuli through "focus filters".

Whereas you or I may be bombarded daily with tons of messages (cool ideas and stories from friends, dozens of challenges we face with our families, many conflicting inputs and decisions to be made in our careers, jobs or businesses or simply mundane tasks like watching TV or surfing the web), high achievers quickly filter through all of this stimuli picking out (subconsciously) those items that matter the most to them and where they are in life.

To some extent, we all do this…but not with great purpose guiding us along so our "filters" are less than optimal.

In fact, I know of high achievers that are so good at filtering everyday inputs that they must consciously schedule time each day to STOP filtering so they can be open to seeing things in a more creative, "outside-the-box" way to prevent pure tunnel vision.

That's not a problem for most of us who live in a constant state of bombardment – our challenge is refining our filters.

What guides those filters?

Our purpose in life and associated milestones and goals aligned with that purpose.

Simply put, when you have a crystal clear picture of what you want to achieve in life, a big WHY fueling your desire and a well planned roadmap of interim milestones with clarity backed by certainty you now have the seeds around which your brain can begin filtering day-to-day noise turning it into a highly productive machine working in synchronization with your life plan.

So, if you find that you lack focus, can't seem to concentrate, are easily distracted and as a result, are not getting the results in life you would like…go back to the basics of determining your purpose, developing key milestones/objectives in life and suddenly you will find that beacon that allows your brain to do what it does best, process the most relevant information you can use to improve your life.



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