If You Dig Deep Enough, You Will Conquer Fear


Is fear preventing you from living a happy, fulfilling life?

If so, what is the source of that fear and how can you overcome fear to live life as you were meant to live it?

Most of the fear blocking us in our lives is consciously and sub-consciously developed by our own mind through doubt that we can handle what we have perceived may be next.

In other words, we spend 90%+ of our lives developing scenarios in which we exaggerate the most negative of outcomes until we convince ourselves that we will not be able to handle what comes next (or at least what comes next will be painful enough to handle to keep us from trying)

Of course, the vast majority of cases, even when things go wrong we don't even approach the worst case outcome we have thought up for ourselves.

To overcome fear that defeats us on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis from being who we really are, living the life we really are destined to lead we must look deeper within ourselves through introspection (recalling the times we did have strength beyond what we thought) and through meditation (where we can bring objectivity to our thoughts, life events and surroundings) until we re-discover the self confidence to once and for all bury fear and regain the courage to act according to our strengths

Are you ready to conquer fear in your life and stop letting it get the best of you?

For those of you celebrating Christmas – Merry Christmas. ¬†For those of other faiths, have a wonderful Holiday or Regular Day as it applies…but we are universal in our ability to rise up and live true to our inner spirit and potential.


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