I Had To…


I've had the chance to dig deeply into what motivates some people who have done extraordinary things in their lives.  People who have learned to stop procrastination and accomplish more in a day than others dream about their entire lives. 

Many of these people started from very challenging backgrounds (abuse, depression, financial ruin, extreme shyness or being very introverted…) going on to achieve great accomplishments and happiness in their lives.

I've also worked in the prison system where I see the opposite – people who have had everything in the world going for them take the wrong road and fall deeper into the darkness despite having many opportunities to bring themselves out.

What is the difference?

What makes one person driven and the next defeated?

I Just HAD To…

We can wonder if they were lucky, blessed, exceptionally smart or talented, had extra outside help and so on…but the only consistency I observed is the unifying difference between I Just HAD to versus something less like "I WANT to…" or "I am TRYING to…"

Without exception, everyone I have ever known accomplish amazing things in their life started with a belief system based on I HAVE to…very different from "I will try" or "I want to" isn't it?

When you make it "HAVE to", that means you WILL achieve your desired outcome.  In your mind you have already achieved your objective and the journey is simply the price you have to pay to get to this pre-determined outcome.

Sure, you must overcome obstacles, get out of your own way, learn the skills and knowledge to succeed, deal with your own fear and insecurities and take action/execute on your plan, but…

It all starts with a belief that You WILL because you HAVE to. 

I have never yet met someone with a firm, unrelenting belief that they HAVE to that has not achieved their desired outcome.

Yet I have met many people who wish, dream or want to succeed, but can't

What do you think…can you remember an example where you HAD to have a desired outcome and that made the difference?

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