How You Lost Control In Your Life


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It happens to all of us at points in our life when we agreed to believe, think, plan or act in a way that did not correspond to what we really felt or thought at the time.

You may have been taught as a child to "compromise" or to "give in" to keep the peace…yet have you ever really thought what that has done (and continues to do) to you and your life?

Each time we choose to "settle" or "give in", a little piece of us dies inside…you consciously choose to allow someone else to take control.

Often it doesn't just happen once or twice either, but it becomes a habit and before you know it, the new normal is that you are a "nice", "quiet" and "easy" person to get along with on the outside, but inside you are resentful, frustrated, angry and beat yourself up because who else is to blame?

If you are at a point in your life where you wonder why you haven't taken the leap into a new relationship, taking on new challenges in your career, feeling at the top of your game or suffering because your health is not where it needs to be…then pay ATTENTION to this.

When you settle, you give up control.

When you decide not to fully commit, you give up control.

When you tell yourself you will do it later, yes – you guessed it – you give up control.

I recently sat down with one of the top business people online, someone who has made a lot of money, but also has achieved things in her life that frankly she had doubted were possible just 10-years ago…and she shared with me her #1 key to all of that success…

Never SETTLE On The Important Stuff

It's not that you have to be a pain in the ass about everything…but get it straight in your head – your top 3 priorities in your life and refuse to settle around any thoughts, plans, actions or beliefs you have about those 3 critical factors in your life.

Remember, it's not just others that will try and convince you to settle, it is YOUR OWN MIND too that will put the pressure on.

For example, when it comes time to show discipline around refusing fattening food, it is not OTHER people that will convince you to settle, it is your own mind putting the short-term pleasure above longer-term control.

In fact, your #1 challenge to not settle around the BIG things in your life will be fighting the urge to take the easy way out…it will be yourself that you will be battling.

The good news is that as soon as you realize that sticking to your journey around the big things in your life is the key to happiness, success and fulfilment in your life the easier it will be to refuse to settle.

What area are you committing to NEVER again settle?

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