How Will You Challenge Yourself This Week?


Ok, so it's Monday and for many people simply getting through the day is a major achievement. 

Then again, if you are stuck in a rut and haven't been happy with your life for a while, isn't it going to take something different to get unstuck?

If you are trapped in a dark dungeon and have been trying for weeks to get out by breaking down the door, eventually you will lose the will to escape, whither up and die

On the other hand, if you try a window, try to dig a tunnel in the dirt floor, look for a weakness in the walls and work to convince your guard to let you go…eventually you will find a way to get out AND you survive much longer.

The same thing goes for life, if you are stuck in your life then you want to challenge yourself in new ways to make progress and grow as a person.

Here are some examples:

1. If you are not meditating then spend 20-minutes first thing today in meditation (don't know how, then get hold of Attracting Greatness and follow these highly effective techniques)

2. Come up with 1 new goal in each area of health, finances and career

3. Think of 1 person you want to get closer to that will help you be more positive, forward looking and successful.  Then, think of 1 person you want to spend LESS time with because they are toxic, continually bring you down and do not offer inspiration.    Then set out a plan for how you will spend more time with the positive person and less time with the negative person

4. Make 1 positive move toward each of the 3 goals you have set as part of #2.  For health, eat healthier for one day, exercise for 30-minutes.  For your finances, take one step toward making additional income and limiting expenses.   And in your career, make one step toward the change in career or level you want…it could be learning a new skill, talking to a new manager or networking with a new person who will help you get the role you want

Make this week different than all of the weeks that have passed.  Challenge yourself (you can handle it believe me) and you will be amazed at how quickly you can get unstuck in your life. 

Finally, share your plans and actions with us by commenting on this post – this will not only help give each other ideas but will help you make progress in your own life with accountability and directing positive energy your way.

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