How To Stop Procrastination Everytime


For most of us, having the thoughts, plans and desire to do something isn't the challenge, instead finding a way to stop procrastination so we can finally realize our dreams is our main concern. 

How many of us dream of writing a book one day, yet a tiny fraction of us every actually write and sell that book.

If every one of us who had an "ideal" health and wellness regime in mind actually was able to live out that lifestyle then the world would be a much healthier place

Wondering how to stop procrastination befuldles the best of us…we all suffer from procrastination at one time or another.  Sometimes we even hide it behind claims of perfectionism, indifference or even build complex defense mechanisms around lack of taking action.

In the end, the only one we are hurting is ourselves and those around us. 

In the blockbuster book "Achieving Greatness" it is clearly demonstrated that we must learn to deal with two GIANT concepts in our life before we can claim victory over procrastination forover…

  1. Align our deepest desires with our desired plans and actions so that we are motivated deeply and emotionally to achieve an end result – a drive that will overcome procrastination in nearly every scenario, and…
  2. Deal with latent fears and low self-esteem that interrupts progress

By tearing down the roadblocks that stand in the way of massive, almost insane passion and motivation, we can re-discover a results-oriented style of living that will make procrastination a distant memory.

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