How To Stop Living In Fear


Can I ask you what you are afraid of?

It's a very important question, one that just may get you past the rut you find your life in right now liberating you to finally live your true potential.

See fear is the most common obstacle that prevents us from living the life we are meant to live, achieving our true potential instead suffering in silence as we slowly wilt and hide inside.

Inside the new system for Getting Unstuck In Your of the 4 key set of exercises is around identifying, managing and then completely overcoming fear and anxiety in your life such that you regain hope, excitement empowered by the ability to be yourself and attract what you are meant to have in this life.

Fear holds so many of us back by…

1) Avoiding embarrassment tagged by one of the BIG fears humans have of not being accepted or being rejected by those from whom we seek acceptance.   But by avoiding any risk, avoiding people or events and avoiding being who we are truly meant to be we actually subconsciously fulfill those fears turning the things we fear most into our new reality.   By working through those fears and using our natural strengths without fear we can blast through anxiety and achieve incredible personal satisfaction and fulfillment

2) Filling our thoughts with overblown, irrationally negative thoughts that replace objective or positive thoughts to once again subconsciously guide our conscious thought – and in turn – our behaviors.  For example, you lament over and over again about meeting that special "someone", you lose sleep, you re-create failure over and over again in your mind to the point where it is impossible to be at your best (or even close to showing them who you really are) which fulfills your greatest fears…that they will feel uncomfortable and likely not be attracted to you

3) Tipping the balance of rational thought…in other words we try to measure the positive and negative impact of any given behavior or action, but if we have tipped the scale with fear (one of the most primal, potent, emotionally charged thoughts of all) we have sabotaged ourselves tipping the balance far away from acting in alignment with what we truly desire, away from our internal guidance

4) Lack of confidence in ourselves…at its extreme, we lose complete faith in ourselves.  We lose hope mainly because we no longer trust ourselves and our ability to be strong in the face of obstacles.  We train ourselves to be weak by constantly caving into our own internal fear response sapping our confidence and hope along the way.

So how can we stop fear from controlling our lives completely?

1. Acknowledge Them

Before we can do anything about our fear we have to realize that we are being held back, that fear is the culprit and that we are conscious every minute of every day to the role fear is playing in our thoughts, beliefs and actions.  With this step alone you will be amazed at how destructive fear has become in your life.  Acknowledging your fear is quite liberating in itself ending the general sense of being stuck, being held back, of having "bad luck", etc… to where you now accept that fear is holding you back and so you can do something about it

2. Objectify Fear

Fear becomes so obtrusive in our lives when we let it run wild.   So, instead of objectively analyzing a situation, relationship, or plan we tend to lament on everything possible that could go wrong.  All of our energy is put into constructing wildly irrational pictures/movies in our head of the worst case when in fact 99% of the time what actually happens is nowhere near as bad as we feared.  To begin to manage (or "tame") fear we need to get our emotions under control…take back your thoughts and guide the in positive, best-case and substitute those pictures/movies for the worst-case thoughts you harbor now.   Meditation can be a great way to also become more objective about your fearful thoughts

3. Take Action

Often we become paralyzed by over-thinking things when taking action and trusting in our own ability to deal with whatever comes up is the best source of motivation and best path to achievement of all.  To bring your "perfection" attitude under control, give yourself a time limit on how long you will analyze any thought before you take action in your life.  Give yourself 10-minutes, 15-minutes (or whatever works for you) – but create a limit after which you take your best stab at it and take action knowing that most of what you will do will not be perfect, but WILL be a step closer to where you want to be.

If you are feeling held back in your life, not being able to live the way you want, attract the people you want to, achieve the career or financial success you desire and lack confidence and happiness in your life then learn to stop living in fear.   Overcome fear and you will see walls fall all around you as the world opens up to accept your true potential.

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