How To Reduce Stress And Live With Passion


I still remember the day nearly 18-years ago when I walked in to an alternative health provider who – within 10-minutes – listed the stress my body and mind was under explaining why I had been unable to fight the smallest cold, be consistently productive or even be nice to those around me.

That was it – how to reduce stress became my new goal in life and over the next few months my entire life changed, more than I ever dreamed possible.

Much of what I learned worked (and didn't work) is now part of the Attracting Greatness Formula, it all started with understanding and managing stress.

How much stress do you have in your life right now?

Even more important, how much chronic stress do you carry around with you each day – do you even know anymore?

Here are a few of the sure signs of high stress:

Digestive Problems Back Pain
Constipation Tight Chest
Depression Poor Sex Life
Low Motivation Quick Anger/Frustration

Increasingly, our entire population is becoming more stressed – with the tough economic times, high expectations,  lack of personal contact and lack of control in our lives, we all should begin to know more about how to reduce stress and gain passion back into our lives.

Step 1: Prioritize stress relief:  If we are truly to reduce stress in our lives, it won't happen by accident or some stroke of luck, we must dedicate time each day.  Managing stress must become a priority in our life just as eating, sleeping and earning a living is a priority.

Step 2: Look inside:  Our ability to lower anxiety stress comes directly from our ability to see inside ourselves.  Using techniques like meditation or yoga – we take back control over our minds for 20-30 minutes each day regaining a command over our life that leads to massive feelings of wellness, insights into what we really want and large improvements in overall energy and motivation

Step 3: Write it Down:  A big part of knowing how to reduce stress is recognizing what is leading to stress in your life.  That means becoming aware of the situations, conditions and causes that lead to you feeling the symptoms of stress.  What makes you irritable?  When does your stomach tighten up?  What makes you worry?  Each time this happens, write it down – not only will you begin to see patterns of stress anxiety emerg so that you can deal with them, the writing will help you to lessen the impact of chronic stress on your life.

Step 4: Consistent sleep and improved diet:  If you are not sleeping well (or consistently) and are living on a diet of high sugar and carbohydrdates then you can do yourself a wonderful favor by incrementally improving these factors (that you DO control) and understand how to reduce stress to an even greater degree in your life.

Whether you feel stress at work or are looking for stress coping techniques at home – learn to recognize what stress is doing to your body, when stress symptoms appear along with what brings them on and use the four steps above to stop stress in its tracks. 

Tackling stress is one of the key pillars of Attracting Greatness, Passion and Energy back into your life…give it a try.

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