How To Really Wake Up And Change Your Life

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Finally! Real Change

Doesn't it so often happen that our intentions to change areas in our life exceed our ability to realize those changes?

We have goals we would like to achieve with our weight, health, emotional well being, careers, finances and with our relationships – some of them we have decided to make a top priority, yet even though we focus 100% on these changes, we can't seem to translate that desire into everyday change – how come?

After all, what is the toughest part of changing your life…is it:

  • positive thinking or positive attitude?
  • being clear on what you want?
  • staying motivated?
  • taking action?

Yes, these factors are definitely important, but lets face it…there is one question to change your life that seems to be the toughest to answer isn't there?

In the groundbreaking formula contained in Attracting Greatness, it is mentioned that despite knowing exactly what you want to change in your life, having enthusiasm and a positive mental attitude, and even taking the first steps toward action…the challenge for most of us remains:

How do we wake up and change our life…or specifically "how do we make sure we make the correct choices, decisions, and take the right actions each day to progress us toward those objectives"

Changing your life will not happen with dreams, thoughts,  plans or sporadic actions alone, there must be daily change…and that is the really important part.

Some people call this self-discipline, others call it willpower, whatever the term the fact is that true life change will not occur unless you can make daily progress toward your objectives and goals.

The challenge is that the daily bad habits we want to turn into good habits have been reinforced with positives in our minds for long periods of time – that won't change overnight without something extremely dramatic happening in our life.

In other words, before we can leave the negative habits behind and begin consistently practicing the good habits that lead to meaningful change in our lives we must program out our bad habits and program in our good habits.

As an example, for me, I was able to stop a bad eating habit by linking that habit to a very close friend dying of a hideous disease. I actually went over the association in my mind again and again each day for several days until I found my mind no longer wanted that bad food as much anymore.

Unfortunately, you have felt how strongly bad habits can be ingrained in our psyche, so it often takes something pretty dramatic to change – for most people, that means ramping up the pain associated with negative habits and patterns of behavior while associating amazing pleasures with the newly desired habits.

Practice this fundamental principle of daily behavior change and you will finally realize real and amazing change in your life.

To get more on how to remove obstacles and attract incredible abundance, happiness and wealth into your life I suggest you devour and follow Attracting Greatness – it is the best overall system for real change I've come across.

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