How To Instantly Change And Get More Out Of Life


I was asked the other day by a good friend and very successful entrepreneur, "what is your biggest regret in life?"

Now I've never been one to lament about the past, always look ahead to tomorrow and forget about yesterday, but his comment made me think that I do have one regret.

In fact, this one change in attitude that took me nearly 25-years to learn can actually be applied in one instant and lead to near immediate transformation in your life.

By embracing this one change, instantly you can…

  • Dramatically reduce the frustration and stress in your life
  • Ensure you make daily progress toward achieving incredible goals and desires
  • Attract energetic, positive and proactive people toward you
  • Feel a level of peace and fulfillment that most people can barely dream about
  • Immediately boost your immune system and turn around health problems that may have been with you for years
  • Finally understand what it takes to be a winner…what it feels like and how you can replicate it across the different areas of your life
  • Be more positive, motivated and enthusastic without having to even try
  • Finally get unstuck and be in a perpetual forward motion leaving the "rut" that has been holding you back behind

In fact, there is a complete, simple -yet highly effective – system for achieving these things and more over at Attracting Greatness…but by far, the most important catalyst that gets the ball rolling is learning to embrace failure and setbacks. 

When we are young we are driven by our parents and education to NOT fail…to play it safe, avoid conflict and always take the safe way out.  That creates the very dangerous condition of paralysis where we always seek the simple route and learn to be severly impacted by the smallest setback when the exact opposite is far more powerful.

Again and again it has become more apparent than ever that people who embrace setbacks, learn to expect and even set out to fail fast also learn how to succeed incredibly quickly AND learn to manage their fear and stress associated with failing. 

I know through my twenties playing it safe was my main focus and sure enough, I ended up making very little progress, becoming more and more miserable, feeling both trapped and frustrated with impacts on my health and relationships…it took me 25-years to learn that it was not only OK to experience setbacks, but it was actually the SECRET to both succeeding at a rapid pace and to live a happier, more stress-free life. 

So certainly, changing your mindset to a success-mindset as taught in Attracting Greatness is based largely on becoming comfortable with systematically overcoming challenges on the way to achieving ultimate success and happiness…once you learn this system, you become positively unstoppable and you will begin to instantly change your life for the better.

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