How To Get Control Of Your Life


We all have times in our life where we realize that things are happening TO us rather than us having a big say in our outcome.  That lack of control leads to frustration, a feeling of being stuck in a rut, even fear and health challenges as we grow hopeless and scared of our future.

The 5 Pillars of Greatness outlined in Attracting Greatness are certainly the keys to quickly transforming your life and really taking control of the ship, directing it into safe waters.

Give Yourself 30 Days

One technique that can make a massive difference in your life and get you unstuck is to follow this 3 point plan for finally developing goals and sticking with them long enough to see results:

1. What helps me apply the proper discipline is first developing a big WHY that motivates me to stick with a practice for 30-days

2. After you have the big WHY – create a set of visualizations that will help you to picture the ultimate outcome and benefit of sticking with the tactic.  If your goal is to start a new business, imagine what it will look, feel and be like 1-year from now, after you have put in significant effort and work.  What will your social life be like?  Who will you do business with?  What will your income level be?  Or, if your goal is to lose 10-pounds – visualize what you will look and feel like after 30-days?  How will your friends look at you?  What will they say when they see the "new" you?

3. Finally – make sure you stick with your practice for at least 30-days.  Set a goal to practice actions toward your goal each day – create a checklist and mark it off each day that you successfully take action toward achieving your desired outcome.

This is a terrific exercise – the discipline to maintain consistency, focus and ongoing action is exactly what it takes to turn a tactic or practice into a learned behavior.

Think of Tiger Woods – immensely self-disciplined with practicing golf, working out, nutrition – all of this is backed by huge WHY (be the absolute best EVER in golf) and lots of visualization.

Just watch each time he goes out to warm up, practice or take a shot – the first thing he does is visualizes the shot as being a total success – no matter how badly the last shot went, every future shot he sees as a success.

Imagine what will happen in your life once you have a plan like the one in Attract Greatness and apply the self-discipline of Tiger Woods to attract success and happiness in your direction.

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