How To Find Your Life Purpose

find life purpose

More than 2/3 of the current population are not satisfied or literally hate their lives.

The majority of the remaining 1/3 do not LOVE their life, but are simply in a holding pattern where they are not dissatisfied today, but who knows tomorrow, next week or a month from now?

On the other hand, when you live alongside or as part of the tiny fraction who absolutely LOVE their life you realize how natural and right that seems as a way to live your life.

In other words, when you find and live in alignment with your life purpose you are able to keep the enthusiasm, passion, excitement, fun and curiousness you had as a kid.

Isn't that the way we all should be living?

Isn't that the way YOU should be living?

Please don't use the excuse that you WILL in the FUTURE…when some artificial timeline or milestone is met in your life.

Putting off living your life in tune with your life purpose in a state of passion is a fool's errand.

The reason why is that whatever you are trying to achieve BEFORE you dedicate to your life's purpose will most likely take so long to reach (if you ever do) that you are basically resigning yourself to a life of misery, and even worse…

You stack the deck against yourself when you are not living in tune with your life purpose for at least 4 HUGE reasons:

  • Your emotional and physical state suffers giving you less energy, less clarity, less charisma, less confidence and less desire putting you at a tremendous disadvantage
  • You forget that it's not actually about the end-goal but is far more about how the journey impacts your life today, tomorrow and next week so by putting off a purpose-driven life you are not just depriving yourself of the end-goal but all of the amazing experiences that could start right now on your life purpose driven journey
  • You miss opportunities – when you are living in tune with your purpose in life, you are acutely aware of each potential opportunity that comes along (some people think of this as fate or luck, in reality it is putting your mind into a state where you are highly sensitive to everything associated with the purpose driven life you have chosen to lead)
  • You repel rather than attract important people into your life.  People are attracted by like-mindedness, passion and dedication – if you have not yet committed to your purpose-driven path then you are sending out the wrong signals to everyone around you resulting in attracting mis-aligned people into your life

Are you convinced it is time to really find and dedicate yourself to living in-tune with your passion in life?

4 Ways To Discover Your Life-Purpose

When we talk about life-purpose we speak about that BIG vision of how you see yourself adding value and contributing your own happiness and interests to the world.

For example, if your passion is music then your objective is not to go out and make Millions – that's not what fuels you…instead you want to live a comfortable life but dedicated to communicating to the world and having an impact on the world with your craft.

Now, of course, the lifestyle, money and prestige that comes along with this can be part of that overall vision, but it is not the CORE of that vision.  They definitely are part of that vision and make up the overall picture of how you will live in tune with your life purpose

The core is how something you create impacts other people for the better.  Start there.  Be specific and then fill in the scene (just like a movie) with the lifestyle choices such as where you will live, how you will live, who will be around you, how you will become more authentic, etc…

The same thing goes for a technology guru like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who each, in their own way, saw themselves as having a most incredible impact on the world through their technology – that was the real life purpose for the vast majority of their time hear on earth.

So how do you find your life purpose?

1- Recognize It Already…Your Life Purpose Has Always Been There

The first thing to realize about your life purpose is that you already know what it is…you may not see it right now, but you have the experiences and self-awareness to know that there are certain thoughts, activities and impacts that rise far above all other things in your life.   In fact, look really hard because you have probably spent the last X number of years burying this life purpose because of any number of reasons that scare you if you were to change your life and start living congruent to that purpose

2- Who Do You Admire, Respect And Follow?

We all have different personalities, dreams and passions and so we are drawn to different people who have their own life purpose.   Paying close attention to who you are drawn to over a long period of time will tell you a lot about purpose in life AND will help you filling in the gap as you design your purpose-filled life.  Watch that you are not falling for their sales pitch and make sure that you are not only taking note of their accomplishments, but the lifestyle they lead placing yourself into their shoes so you can understand what your life would be like if you emulated their path

3- When Are You At Your Best?

For this one, you need to find a way to get the people that know you the best to share their HONEST opinion of what your life purpose is or should be.   That's not easy given that people closest to you will often not be honest with you…but will say what they think you want to hear.   You'll be well served to set up a series of sessions with your closest friends and make them comfortable enough to tell you the honest truth about what they think your purpose and passion is versus what it is not.

4- Live An Active Life Until You Find It..

Look, finding your life purpose is not simple, so some of you may take some time getting there.  Here's the secret…the more you do and experience in your life the faster and more accurately you will identify and then embrace your life purpose.   I have found the people who take the longest are the people who have placed themselves in a protective bubble, never go out, rarely take chances, don't try new things, etc…which means they have less reference points by which to identify what their true life purpose is and what it is not

If you make ONE thing URGENT in your life this day, week and month – make it finding and then aligning your life journey with your life purpose.

Not only will you see incredible strides in your personality and self development, but you will notice your stress and anxiety will wither as your results and achievements begin to flourish.

Do yourself a huge favour, put yourself in that enabled position of letting your life purpose guide you – the changes in your life, relationships, financial situation and health/wellness are incredible.

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