How To Feel Better About Yourself Today!


A great deal of how much we are able to accomplish, our self-confidence and how we appear to those around us has to do with how we feel about ourselves on a day-in, day-out basis. 

Of course we are a big fan of personal development, uncovering your purpose, discovering what truly makes you passionate and designing your life plan around those principles in your life so that you set yourself up for success (as outlined in the Attracting Greatness Blueprint) , but what can we do TODAY to help us get on the right track.

I had a conversation with a college student last evening that shed some light on how desparately we can fall into a rut at times in our life (and yes it can happen to ANY of us at any time in our life)

She had been an A student with a well designed lifeplan, lots of friends and more or less happy with her life.

Then, she lost someone close to her, stopped exercising, became filled with negative thoughts which attracted negative energy into her life and suddenly began living a life of fear and frustration.

One of the ways out is to once again feel what it is like to push the envelope, to do something that you may attach with fear.

I suppose we could use the term "stepping outside of the box" though I don't really like that term because in reality, there is no box – the box is created by our own set of fear and limiting thoughts. 

Try this today…sit down and think of one thing (each day for 7-days) that you could do that have been avoiding because of fear or uncertainty.  It could be calling a relative that you had a past fight with, writing an editorial for your local newspaper, talking to someone who you know could help you with your future but were previously too scared to approach. 

Each day I make SURE that there is at least one item that makes me uncomfortable – but that I prepare for and overcome.   The feeling is amazing, euphoric and fills you with energy – positive energy that attracts more positive energy to you. 

I'm not saying become a no-limits risk taker, but simply do those little things that push your comfort level out a little – if you can do this repeatedly for 6-7 days you will notice that you will begin to see this as normal. 

Studing the most successful people in the world I have to say that learning to stretch your comfort zone is the BIG secret to constantly achieving more, attracting positive energy and wealth into your life and going to bed each night with an amazing degree of self-confidence and self-satisfaction charging through your mind. 

If you are really ready to get unstuck and see yourself move forward in a big way heading into 2011 – then give this a try.

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