How To Escape A Slump In Your Life


Some great advice from Les Brown on getting out of a slump in your life –


Love the analogy – "weeds grow naturally, it's up to us to rip them out and plant what we want" in life.  Great advice for getting unstuck and escaping a slump you are in life in that video.

Perhaps the message we are left with of MOST importance here is that we are all in control of OUR lives, that getting unstuck in life takes conscious effort.

Indeed, this same message is repeated in SNAP – The 4-Step System For Getting Unstuck In Life – the good news is that once you know HOW to take responsibility and change your life, you can form new thoughts, new behaviors and new habits that replace the bad ones so that continuing to improve and feel better becomes the new NORMAL for you.

Great advice…are you ready to take control?

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