How To Create Momentum For Your Life Goals


I'm a huge fan of momentum, get the snowball traveling down the hill, it takes on a life of its own without you having to push anymore AND its very tough to stop it.

Imagine taking any goal you have in your life (losing weight, being more confident, growing your business, overcoming addiction, etc…) and reaching a point where you no longer have to struggle internally (discipline, internal dialog, motivation, inspiration) or externally (influencing people, battling resistance, overcoming adversity).

Daily activity aligns perfectly with your plan, making progress happens naturally, without having to struggle, forcing yourself to take action each day and feeling guilty as hell when you experience a setback.

We've talked about purpose driven action and moving from your dreams to reality with a focus toward changing your beliefs and dealing with obstacles that will help you take that first step toward getting unstuck and changing your life.

Many of you have taken this to heart and gone ahead and made that most important first step, but then what?

Is it enough to get the snowball halfway up the hill?

Not really…true, lasting success, fulfillment and happiness comes from consistent beliefs, action and progress toward the life goals you have set in line with your overall life purpose.

For that to happen, that first step must be carried into a second, third, fourth and so on…

Like anything else, the first step is the hardest and subsequent steps can get easier until they become natural.

You may recognize this as "habits".

Taking the first step toward changing our lives for the better involves breaking old habits once…but true change only happens by displacing old habits with new ones.

When you reach this phase of personal development, the catalyst toward change is complete and daily progress begins to happen naturally, without effort but with massive results and ongoing momentum.

It's at this point that good habits are like the snowball picking up speed as it rolls effortlessly down the hill.

They Key To Momentum-Building Habits In Your Life

As humans we often seek out the shortest path, shortcuts toward achieving a given result, achievement is no exception to this rule.

Many people come to me believing that as long as they have passion, a plan and have visualized their end result  -this is enough.

Close, but there is something else that is required to reinforce consistent action and results…making your plan execution a habit.

Habits around seeing your end goal achieved are important, this reinforces certainty and belief…two critical psychological conditions required for us to stay motivated and take action in the face of potential failure.

However, as this study shows, making the review of our plan and consistent daily execution priorities a habit significantly improves our chances of achievement.

In this study students about to write a test were split into groups that focused on the end result versus those that focused on making good study techniques a daily habit…the latter group achieved significantly better results.¬† This is attributed to the fact that critical daily techniques were reinforced AND the belief and certainty that came from daily reinforcement of strong study techniques led to momentum that carried right into the test resulting in much better scores.

The lesson is simple…in addition to having a strong purpose-driven reason, crystal-clear outcome reinforced with visualization and certainty, making daily positive activities habits becomes a third pillar toward realizing major change and achievement in your life.

Can you think of one habit you have or will make in your daily routine that will create positive momentum in your life? Leave a comment.

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