How To Create Like We Were Kids Again!


One of my favorite TED talks of all time, Ken Robinson touches a nerve with this discussion of how the creativity, innovation and passion is sucked out of our kids in school.



There are some very obvious, painful truths that have large implications on both how we were conditioned as kids, why we are perhaps stuck in a rut in our life today and how we continue to drive this into kids today in school

Love his statement  – "If kids don't know, they will give a go"

Ken, of course, is making the point that we taught to fear and avoid mistakes which stifles innovation.  How else can you innovate or create unless you make mistakes?

This goes for learning anything from how to improve your relationships to your career to inventing new products or processes that improve society.

But another important factor of stifling creativity is how we mute our natural inclination to practice our passion, our interests in life instead settling for what we already know while every fiber of our being lusts after new knowledge and experiences.

As you may guess, this causes internal conflict, anxiety, fear and eventually a complacency and procrastination as we give up hope.

Why did I post this?

Mainly because when we realize what is happening inside of us, understanding has the impact of changing our belief patterns which opens up new thought pathways and provides the catalyst to new awakenings and empowerment for us.

So, question for you today (please leave your answer in the comment…), does this realization of how we were conditioned to fear mistakes, stifling our creativity make sense to you?

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