How To Build Your Confidence And Get Better Results


Measuring self confidence is not black and white, but is rather a sliding scale and depends heavily on the circumstances as well as time period you are in with your life.

You may ooze self confidence when you are 1-on-1 with your family or your best friend but absolutely become a wreck when you get up in front of a group of strangers.

The good news is that we are never as BAD as we may initially feel in terms of our level of confidence, the challenge for many of us though is that there are situations and environments where we do want to know how to build your confidence so we can move toward increased achievement and comfort with less anxiety in our lives.

Figuring out how to improve self confidence is IMMENSELY important given that low self-esteem is not just an internal struggle.  When we lack self confidence there are many aspects of our lives that are impacted…even though we may try and deny it to keep the struggle private.

If we can learn to boost our self confidence then several positive things happen immediately:

  1. More of our true passion, skill and talent show through…much of this is being withdrawn or hidden under a veil of anxiety and nervousness today
  2. People become drawn to us and our ideas rather than away from and against us…if you get the feeling the whole world is against you, it very well be that you have unknowingly pitted yourself against the world by withdrawing into a low confidence funk
  3. Life is happier, healthier and easier than ever before – things just begin to fall into place unlike before where you had to fight for every single thing you have
  4. You stop living in fear.  Perhaps one of the worst things about living with low self confidence is always being afraid that you won't be able to handle the next thing that happens to you in life…and that you are not strong enough to get what you really want so you have to settle for much less
  5. You value your life…struggling with self confidence means you constantly scold yourself for locking up, for being nervous or afraid.  It's like being in a professional boxing match where each round you get knocked out and have to get up again the next day for your next fight…after a while that gets exhausting and you begin to question your worth.  Having self confidence allows you to rebound, feel high self worth and energy that you may not have remembered is even within you
  6. The world gets to see who you really are.  Many people we help with Attracting Greatness come back to us 30-days after following that plan to exclaim "I always knew I had amazing ideas and feelings to share with the world, I just couldn't bring myself to show them…now I can can!"  Imagine living your entire lifetime without being able to share your real thoughts, energies, talents and emotions with those around you – when there is a way to do just that.

Pretty heavy stuff right?

Low self-confidence is also the #1 cause behind many addictions as people look for alternative ways to resolve the inner tension associated with having one life on the inside and not being able to live that life toward the outside world…instead the tendency is to bury oneself in alcohol, sex, drug or other addictive behaviors that can take the place of this challenging reality they can no longer face.


If there is one thing in life you change, wouldn't it be to finally break through the barrier of fear, anxiety and frustration associated with low self-confidence?

Can you think of anything that would make a bigger, more meaningful impact on your life and the lives of those around you?

We hear each day from those who have experienced the life-changing impact of freeing their mind through re-establishing self-confidence with Attracting Greatness…lives that have changed in 30-days or less.

Here are a few ways you can start that incredible change right now:

1. Perspective.  One of the biggest hurdles people have that leads to low self confidence is (ironically) an elevated perception of their importance in any given moment or situation.  What I mean by this is that people with low self confidence in a given situation  (let's say with finding a significant other, finding a date as one example for illustration) tend to place a massive (think Olympic Gold Medal Performance pressure) on any given interaction or moment.  The reality is that even if you screw up, it's just one moment and most of the world will never know anyway.  Most important, people are more turned off by nervousness and seriousness than by the odd slip up especially if you are able to rebound quickly.   Step 1 then is to begin to lower the importance (in your own mind) of how you will appear in these moments or situations that cause you the most fear.

2. Replace Negative Self-Talk.  People with low self confidence in areas of their lives have typically beaten themselves up with daily negative self-talk for years and years…no wonder it's nearly impossible to function.  You want to switch that up immediately and begin to proactively a) be conscious and stop the negative self-talk as well as b) insert daily positive self-talk that goes something like this "I am loose, calm and can be myself in SITUATION X – people like me and I can be myself no matter what

3. Meditate To Handle The Fear And Anxiety:  Fear and anxiety are widespread around those areas where low self confidence exists – these are not trivial and MUST be overcome before making progress to improve your self confidence.  We have found that meditation can quickly and highly effectively help to manage fear and anxiety as it allows our brain to set aside the dramatics associated with possible failure scenarios to look more realistically at the situation where fear and anxiety can no longer control you.

These 3 steps set the stage for massive and rapid change from low (or no) self confidence toward comfort, achievement and improved self confidence even where the condition has existed for decades…are you ready to finally breakthrough your low self confidence trap and let the world see what you can offer?


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