How To Be Really Happy…


I don't suppose it would surprise you to know that people seek out short-term satisfaction – that is much of our existence day by day is seeking out the most enjoyable activities, people we like to spend time with doing things that we find satisfying.

Stress sets in when we cannot spend time on the things that give us short term satisfaction – so that must be the key to happiness right?

But what about meaning?

What about having longer-term goals?  Dreams that you want to see come true?

Inside Attracting Greatness 5 major factors are highlighted as essential pieces to living a complete, happy, exciting and rich life – certainly living in tune with your passions is one of them – but another is knowing your purpose.  Being driven by meaning in your life is one of the most important aspects to happiness.

Research has borne this out, here is a recent study reported in Business Week that found adults required both short-term satisfaction and longer-term meaning in their lives to be truly happy.

Another aspect of this recent study is that meaning in your professional life and meaning in your personal life are correlated.

What that really says to us is that we must be driven by either one major purpose in our lives or multiple purposes that are congruent (don't contradict) one another.

Could it be that the real secret to happiness is not short term satisfaction, but is long term introspection – finding the ultimate purpose that can turn our lives into incredible adventures filled with excitement, self-confidence, enjoyment, peace and a level of fulfillment we may never have thought possible.

Having studied the highest achievers in society along with some of the tragic figures who have not been able to realize their ultimate dreams of happiness – you will find the 5 Pillars of Greatness at Attracting Greatness, get ready to realize TRUE happiness.

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